Types of Light Fixtures in Lighting Design in Barcelona

We all know that good light makes you look better, but a room with good light also makes us feel better. While home decor designers often think of lighting as the next step, interior designers know that good lighting is more complex than turning on the light above. Your home or apartment may be equipped with interior lightings such as ceiling lights in the bedroom, ceiling lights in the living room, and LED kitchen lights under the cabinet in the kitchen. Or wall sconces that are wired on the wall above the sink in the bathroom. The quality of light emitted by indoor appliances can be changed by choosing a lamp or by using a dimmer switch, but indoor lighting should never be the only source of light in a room.

A well-lit room should have a layer of light from multiple sources, including ambient or public light. Lighting for studying, preparing food, or working at a desk. And decorative lighting that creates space. Choosing the right combination of lighting fixtures will help you create a balanced and attractive atmosphere from the living room to the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and beyond. Lamps are decorative items that can act as a sculptural element to enhance the design of your room even when the light is off.

Here is a brief guide to the main types of lighting fixtures to help you figure out where to start.

Floor Lamps

Floor lamps, also known as floor lamps, come in a variety of shapes and styles that can be adapted to different areas of the home. From a design point of view, floor lamps are often decorative pieces of sculpture that add charm to a room, even when turned off.

Larger formats such as arches, column lamps, tripod lamps, or larger floor lamps are suitable for large rooms such as the living room or open-plan storage room. Smaller profile standing lamps, such as metal reading room lamps, can be placed behind a comfortable chair or at the end of a sofa. Long thin torch lamps can be placed in the corners.

Table Lamps

Table lamps come in a variety of sizes, heights, styles, and materials, but are all designed to fit on a flat, non-floor surface – bedside table, hallway side table, fireplace mantel, living room table, or kitchen table. For an extra layer of atmospheric light when eating.

Until recently, desk lamps needed a power outlet to plug in, but today LED manufacturers to offer a wide range of LED desk lamps that can be charged and moved around using a USB cable. This includes new designs of table lamps as well as re-versions of classic lamps such as the new version of the portable LED. Desktop lamps vary from classic to industrial style to the present day. The quality of light produced by a table lamp includes many factors, including the choice of lampshade and lamp, the height of the lamp, and whether or not it is equipped with a dimmer.

Lighting Design in Barcelona

Desk Lamps

People who work mostly on a computer screen may be tempted to use a desktop lamp to add ambient light to a desk. But if you use your desk for other tasks such as checking documents, writing, or drawing by hand, using a desk lamp that provides adjustable work brightness can make you more productive and protect your eyesight. 

Table lamps usually have an adjustable head that lets you direct light to illuminate what you are working on. Architect-style lamps are popular because of their interesting industrial design and ease of use. But you can also find table lamps in styles that vary from classic to modern minimalist depending on your taste.

Chandeliers and Pendant Lighting

Chandeliers and pendant lights are hung from the ceiling and hung with chains or ropes that allow them to float around the room.

The branched fixtures that once housed candles and are now often lit by lamps are different from the classic chandeliers of the brilliant antique crystal chandeliers we associate with French palaces and Las Vegas casinos. Modern chandeliers are often made of layers of shells, feathers, tassels, or other materials attached to a wire base that are lit by a lamp. Pendant lighting includes industrial metal lights, classic globe lighting, and simple lights that consist of a lamp covered in shades made of silk, wood, plastic, mats, or just about any other material you can imagine.

A large chandelier or pendant lamp may be hung in the center of the ceiling to add ambient light to the room and create a focal point. You can also hang smaller chandeliers or pendant lights on either side of the bed, on bathroom sinks, or on a dining table or kitchen island to define the space. You can control the light by hanging your light at the right height.

Decorative Accent Lighting

The final layer of lighting in the room in the form of lighting is a decorative accent that adds to the space of the room, from neon signs to candlesticks to strings of Edison lamps or fairy lights, bright wall sculptures, storm lanterns full of candles. , Or decorative sculptures in the form of animals, plants, or anything else you can imagine. Adding at least one decorative light to each room will make you feel thoughtful, attractive, and finished.