Living Room Accessories

Decorating your living room is a multi-step process with many important decisions to make. From choosing a paint color or wallpaper to adding rugs and windows, deciding on the best place and arrangement of furniture, and choosing lighting. But interior designers and decor lovers alike know that it’s the small details that bring a room to life.

Check out these tips for accessorizing your living room. Everything from candles and dried flowers to textiles and decorative objects will enhance your decor. And make your living room a comfortable, attractive, beautiful and cozy space.

Amber glass

Some people have upgraded their living room to the edge of a neutral colored living room with an amber glass vase on a wooden coffee table. Which absorbs light and shines like the sun. Depending on your color preferences, you can also choose a green glass vase or a cobalt blue vase.

Wall baskets

Hanging lightweight and inexpensive woven baskets on the living room wall is an easy way to add interest and warmth without spending a lot of money or making the sometimes daunting commitment of buying a framed piece of art. In a typical stylish interior designer living room, three baskets go well with wood colors, throw pillows and a fiddle green fig tree.

Coffee table books

Coffee table books are a classic home accessory for some reason. They are beautiful, they escape. And they give you something to browse while relaxing on the couch or a way to entertain guests while they wait for their drinks. In some living rooms, a small set of coffee table books will match the brown tones of the living room. However, you can also use coffee table books to add a random dose of color to a neutral room.


Candlelight has a special charm that instantly adds ambiance to a living room. Whether it’s scented candles in jars, votive candles, lantern candles, LED flame pillar candles or old school candle holders, to the old fashioned taper candles in this living room. For LED candles, use rechargeable batteries to save money and avoid waste. When buying regular candles, look for eco-friendly materials and natural scents.

Wall hanging

The wall above the sofa is a living room area that needs a highlight. Hanging a colorful wall hanging or fabric hanging above the couch is a hassle-free way to add character to the living room, whether it’s a trendy or woven wall hanging, a vintage quilt or a colorful fabric hanging.

Natural wood

It’s no surprise that in this digital, virtual, and technology-driven world, our interior design focuses more on natural materials and sensual and organic shapes that make us feel relaxed, grounded, and connected to nature. In this sophisticated but simple living room, textured walls, leather and wood tones create a relaxing, natural atmosphere. A side table with a piece of polished wood references nature, which brings a smile to everyone’s face and never goes out of style.

Chess set

In the living room, the chess set serves both as a decoration and a practical pastime waiting to be practiced.

Geometric tray

In some living rooms, a hexagonal wooden tray mounted on a leather stool can serve as a coffee table and house small decorative items that beautify the room. And at the same time, it prevents clutter in the room. A variety of geometric shapes will add dynamism and a graphic touch to your interior, as you can see here on the patterned pillow and diamond rug.