Kitchen Renovation in Barcelona

Remodeling and Renovation

Let us start with the difference between remodeling and renovation. The terms renovation and remodeling are often used interchangeably, but there is a notable difference between them. Renovation means to revive or restore something to its former state by upgrading it – repainting and recladding. On the other hand, remodeling means to restructure the condition of something, to essentially redesign it. 

Kitchen renovation in Barcelona

Let us get one thing straight right at the start: Whether you live with a family or alone, the kitchen is the busiest area in a home. From the coffee you make every morning to wake up from an excruciatingly long sleep to the last glass of water you drink every night, the kitchen is the heart of your home. It is quite understandable that just like life, kitchen design also needs a breath of fresh air or just a new coat of paint. We suggest you some ideas for kitchen remodeling in Barcelona.

Assess needs and wants

Many kitchen remodeling projects end with homeowners disappointed – or shocked by the cost – because they have not had time to figure out what they want and how much they can afford.

Start by asking yourself what difficulties you are having with your current kitchen. Is it too little space to cook effectively? Too little space to store food and dishes? Are you missing a dining area? 

Make a priority list of the things you want in your new kitchen, ranked in order of importance. It’s helpful to distinguish between the factors you need and those you just want.

Choose new cabinets for your renovation

Cabinets play a special role in kitchen renovations in Barcelona because, as you know, they are part of the Spanish interior design culture. If you think that the look and feel of the new products should be the main focus of a kitchen renovation, then choosing new cabinets is one of the best ideas for it. Kitchen cabinets get a lot of daily wear and tear and are often loose on their hinges, giving the whole kitchen an old-fashioned, neglected look. When it comes to cabinets, remember that even with a small budget and basic tool skills, you have several options. 

Cabinets with white melamine-coated particleboard drawers and cabinets and flat panel doors are signs of cheap quality, while veneered plywood, hardwood frames, and solid wood doors are of more expensive, durable quality.

Add kitchen island 

It is often the most important item in kitchen renovation in Barcelona. Natural stones such as granite and marble, as well as quartz, are among the most commonly used materials because they offer a wide variety of durability. No matter how small or large, a kitchen island is a focal point in your kitchen.

Try new lighting

One of the most titillating ways to combine comfort with beauty in a kitchen renovation is to add art to your kitchen lighting. This is one of the most cost-effective tricks when it comes to remodeling your kitchen in Barcelona. By combining and matching different fixtures in different parts of the kitchen, you can achieve the desired effect.

Whether you are looking for ambient brightness or lighting, you can evaluate your floor plan and budget. To combine appropriate task lighting with cost efficiency, we recommend going the route of LED ceiling lights. Not only are these lights environmentally friendly, but they also save you a lot of money on your electric bill. If you are looking for pendant lights for your kitchen or dining island, these lights will allow you to set your focal point. Regardless of your budget and purpose, if you want to take your kitchen to a whole new level, it’s best to hang some new lights!

You can save money on your kitchen renovation in Barcelona with these kitchen renovation designs. A kitchen renovation is an opportunity to make new memories and create very personal space for your family. This is the one room in the house where your friends and loved ones will gather to laugh and make memories while enjoying the food you prepare for them with love and care.