Ideas for Bathroom Decoration in Barcelona

After reading the countless photos of dream bathrooms with stylish faucets, beautiful tiles, and of course plenty of storage space, it is very easy to hate the old and cramped bathroom in your rent.

But you do not have to live in terrible conditions. Trust us: With the landlord’s permission, a few simple changes – no need to rebuild – will make things better without draining your checking account. And fortunately for you, we have no tricks to add color, pattern, or even functional storage. Here are some decorative ideas for refreshing small bathrooms.

Paint-Free Bathroom Makeover

If your landlord forbids painting or if you think the work is too messy, it’s time to get creative by peeling and gluing vinyl. Options that resist moisture and condensation work best in the bathroom.

This Brian Patrick Flynn update is a great example. Gray leather upholstery is actually (surprisingly!) Removable vinyl wallpaper.

There are other types of peeling products and wood that make decorating the bathroom very easy. For example, you can copy the corrugated bathroom wall shared here using self-adhesive vinyl tapes. It is available in four-inch wide rolls.

Install a Temporary Vanity

Can’t stand that old oak cabinet in your bathroom? Or maybe you want your wall sink to have internal storage space? In any case, replace it with a method that suits your taste and needs. Take your lease with you when it is over. Get your landlord’s written consent just before installation.

New toilets come with sinks and cabinets. Some of the various options sold in major home appliance stores also include a faucet.

Refresh an Outdated Bathroom With Paint

When it comes to decorating, the color is a silver bullet for the ugly. Here its magical power transformed a first-class beige bathroom builder into a stylish powder room. But our favorite idea of this transformation has nothing to do with painting. Do you see the lovely round mirror? It was glued to the original sample with duct tape.

DIY a Rustic Feature Wall

What to do with that big bare wall? Make it a solid feature with detachable and glued floor tiles. You should use vinyl materials that are resistant to water and moisture. We offer a variety of options in a wide range of textures, colors, and sizes that look like real wood and luxury stone.

Ideas for Bathroom Decoration in Barcelona

Modernize an Old Bathroom With Black Fixtures

Add striking contrast to a white bathroom with black fixtures. Installing a new faucet is usually an easy as well as a reversible upgrade if the new fixtures fit into the holes in the sink or counter.

Combine Function With Personality

Celebrate your personal story by customizing your bathroom with character-building accents.

This space uses a combination of marine and shaved elements to create a relaxing bath that evokes beach memories. We also love the upgraded wire basket that provides towel storage.

Ditch Your Traditional Bath Mat

What is the idea of decorating a single bathroom where we think everyone should have a bed? Set aside your mattress for a real rug in vibrant colors. This is a small chance that immediately reinforces a weak atmosphere.

Rethink Your Bathroom Door

Inward-facing hinged doors can waste usable space in a young bathroom. Replacing it with a pocket door is ideal, but it requires removing part of the wall. Fortunately for you, we have two other solutions to this tedious dilemma.

You can turn your traditional door into a storage-style sliding door. DIY kits available at most home appliance stores cost between $ 150 and $ 400. It’s a good idea to accompany your landlord with this project before you start.

You can also turn on your bath to open in the opposite direction. This involves several tasks, including moving the door hinges to the opposite side of the opening. With the right tools, this is a one-day project for experienced people.

The Best DIY Bathroom Ever

There is a downside: the black color and the new cabinet handles renewed the old school toilet. The original medicine cabinet, which had been dismantled, was replaced with a new one with oomph. But the procedure that made this bathroom internet famous is removable wallpaper and ostrich print.