How to Furnish a New Build Home

Buying your first home or moving house is a turning point in life, albeit a stressful one. A new home usually means a new place, a fresh start, and what we are most interested in is some new stylish furniture. 

Furnishing a new home can be a little daunting. This is because there is probably a lot of space to fill. So, whether you are starting from scratch, downsizing, or moving to a larger space, we think we can help you. This post is full of our tips and tricks to help you equip a new home.

First, let’s look at some of the major mistakes people make when furnishing a new home. These are the things you want to avoid:

Do not overfill Just because you have a whole new space for work does not mean that you have to immediately fill, compress and coordinate any space, corner, or gap. Instead of buying everything at once, start with your investment pieces (we’ll talk more about that later), and then you can add any extra and unnecessary pieces later.

Do not trust your eyes instead of measuring the tape. It is never a good idea to choose your furniture, especially when shopping online. Thinking that your new sofa and coffee table is right is very different from knowing this, so know the measurements before placing an order to keep the stress and hassle of the delivery day to yourself.

Do not be unrealistic we have all done this; In El Decor or the ideal house, I saw a beautiful two-page page, marked the page, and dreamed that one day our house would repeat the stylish atmosphere. Although glossy magazine pictures look flawless, if you try to make your room look like a page in a catalog, unfortunately, you will never live up to expectations. This does not mean that a stunning interior is impossible. Remember that your new home is going to be inhabited. So even though you do not want it to look messy, you still want it to feel nice and inviting.

Starting Off

The ease and popularity of online furniture shopping have increased dramatically. That’s why furnishing your new home with all the new furniture should not be considered an expensive luxury. When it comes to the dining room, living room, and kitchen furniture, there are so many choices online. Start by focusing on one room at a time so you don’t get overwhelmed. Then you can start browsing online to see what shapes and styles appeal to you.

Moving to a new home is also an ideal time to think about the extra furniture that will help your new space. If you squeeze everyone around a small dining table, now is the time to invest in a stylish dining set that can offer everyone a chair. If you have never had a dining table, there is no better time to find the right dining table for you and your new space.

Measure Up

Know your space by measuring the area, and if you have not moved there yet, use the floor plan of the real estate agency to get a better idea of ​​the shape and size of the rooms in your new home. If the layout is very different from your current home, then you need to consider furniture that suits your space. If you have reduced the size, your current furniture may no longer fit. And if you have just started, the world of oyster furniture is yours! Many online retailers list furniture measurements on their websites, and there are many helpful measurement guides available.

Interior design apps are a big help in giving you a better idea of how your furniture should be placed before you move into your space. You can then scale the pieces of furniture to the size of the room. This will help you to feel what the situation looks like.

Don’t Buy Everything All At Once

So you have your dream home, you know which room it is and you have measured everything (including the door frame). Armed with everything you need, it can be tempting to buy everything at once. However, this is one of the mistakes you can make when buying furniture for your new home. It costs a lot to buy everything at once. It also takes the focus of your style away from any room. This is because you look at several pieces and styles throughout your home.

Starting with your original pieces is a great way to start filling a new room. When you have a better idea of the space and style you have to work with, you can add any extra pieces.

However, not buying everything at once does not mean that you have to spend the first few months having dinner on the floor. Focus on the original parts and your investment first, then all the glossy accessories can be added later to give your room a more homely look.

One way to ensure that you stick to the essentials is to write down your budget and stick to it! Moving home can be time-consuming, so it’s a good idea to know how much you should spend on furniture before you set your heart on a sofa and dining set that is out of your budget. Once you know what you need to work on, you can start shopping. If there is cash left, you can buy those extra pieces on your wish list without any guilt because all the important pieces are covered.

Start With Your Investment Pieces

The term investment parts can mean a lot of costs, but try to think of your investment components only as an investment, not a cost. A good quality bed, sofa, and dining table will provide comfort and seating for your family for years to come. So if you can afford it, it’s a very smart move to spend on these essential parts for your new home. The vital parts of any home and investment piece are the furniture you use the most and keep the longest, so you want to choose something durable.


The sofa is something that is used day by day. So you want something just as comfortable and durable. We have different types of sofa sizes in fabric and upholstery or genuine leather. There is a piece that is right for you and your family!

Tie Everything Together With Colour

Starting with an empty canvas like a new home does not mean that you have to buy everything to match your space. One great way to tie your room is to use paint. So if you already have a sofa but now have enough space for a coffee table, consider your materials and color scheme. This helps to integrate the parts seamlessly.

Many new interior constructions will have a very neutral interior. So if you want to inject some color into your space but do not have enough time or money to use your décor, be smart with the colors of your furniture, such as colorful dining chairs or a set of colorful upholstery. Colorful dining chairs are a great way to add a chic color to your new dining space.

The neutral design of many new homes is a great opportunity to be bold in your choice of colors. Our velvet sofas are a great example of how to inject color into a more neutral space. With our free sample service, it is easy to order several samples to have a taste for your color palette and choice of materials.