Home Remodeling

Nothing is more satisfying than looking at a photo before shooting and a glowing shot after shooting (even when it is not yours). Amazing home remodeling, bad comparison to good makes us realize what can be achieved with a little hard work (or some extraordinarily strong stains).

Here, we have selected some of the most impressive renovations before and after your renovation to just hit you or possibly inspire your renovation.

Before: Kitchen

When the pipe under the sink burst, the landlord knew it was time to rebuild.

After: Kitchen

Get stainless steel without breaking

Several affordable home appliance manufacturers now offer models almost identical to their more expensive counterparts.

Combine everything with white

To ensure that the new bottom cabinets matched the old top units, the homeowner painted both of them with designer white linen – a move that made the entire kitchen lighter.

Before: Pink & Plain

To transform this simple bedroom, the home remodeling designers decided to demolish the ceiling and the original wallpaper.

After: Rustic Modern

After renovation, the master bedroom was covered with pine boards and covered with a liner that allows the seeds to disappear. Under the carpet?

Wooden flooring. Instead of the head of the bed, the couple covered the wall behind the bed with oak. A store-bought rug softens the floor. The walls are primed by interior painters.

Before: Unused Area

A three-foot-deep crawl space on the second floor used to occupy part of the house was empty.

After: Welcoming Guest Bedroom

By tapping the crawl space upstairs, enough space was discovered to place a guest corner under the roof ledge in the office. Drawing workspace and guest bedroom: beautiful curtains and blackboard color.

Before: Dark & Dated

Old cabinets and tile counters covered the kitchen before it was renovated.

After: Open & Airy

Cabinets and surfaces were replaced in favor of Ikea units, which were painted beige by the designer and covered with zinc. Above, open shelves display collectibles next to everyday utensils. The ceiling is painted in cream white by the designers.

Before: Builder Basic

The main bathroom of this tract house is like when it was built in 1998.

After: Full of Personality

By maintaining the layout of the main bathroom, the homeowner avoided the cost of replacing the piping and relied on cosmetic upgrades instead.

One change: a single sink console made possible by closing the secondary cupboard inlet. The outer door opens directly onto the pasture.

Before: Kitschy Cabin

A corner furnace initially occupied the nest.

After: Bright & Modern

To create symmetry, a contractor relocated the corner stove with a new stove in the center of the wall in front of the open kitchen. Cabinets installed on both sides of the fireplace enhance the sense of balance. The owner of the house exchanged his single living room table with two generous IKEA sofas and a Ralph Lauren chair. Pine coffee table from a garage and C metal owned by a local garden shop.

Before: Very Basic

Old carpets and furniture darkened the living room.

After: Eclectic Personality

The homeowner installed beams on the ceiling to reflect the rebuilt walls. By creating cabinet doors under the window seat, he created a clever place to store wooden logs for the new wood-burning stove. The general mood is classic American with a rock and roll attitude.

Before: Staircase

Although the rotten floor of the hall had to be replaced with regenerated heart pine, the home remodeling designer were able to rebuild the staircase using all of its original components.

After: Staircase

The homeowners of the dukes found the new post and ward in the offices of a local conservation organization. The hall is decorated with more or less a combination: a custom tiger-maple table is paired with prices such as a terrarium.

Before: Den

The old carpet and the narrow space indicated the much-needed upgrade in this nest.

After: Den

The deformation showed a narrow space and bowling like a bowling space by dividing it into two areas: One furnished with a sectional sofa and a cozy chat room shown here. Marmoleum tiles, which are in the pattern of concentric squares, help to distinguish these two areas. This material is also much more practical than old parquet and carpet.

Before: Dining Room

Old wallpaper and curtains highlight this dining room.

After: Dining Room

Exchanging wallpaper – and buying clever catalogs – dramatically changed the tone of the space in no time.

Schumacher Chenonceau’s paper is both modern and obsolete with a pattern reminiscent of traditional cut paper. A round table softens the right corners of the room. White curved wood chairs create contrast. The old curtains were similar to the home decoration of a smoky skirt that runs down the middle of the leg. New floor-length linen curtains add elegance to the room.

Exterior renovation ideas

Since the coronavirus quarantine, outdoor space has become one of the most important essential facilities for homeowners and buyers.

Highlighting the garden or the exterior of your property can provide a great space for you to enjoy, but it will be very attractive to buyers if you decide to sell.

This outdoor space needed to be remodeled, and its owners have done a wonderful job of adding a piece of decor as well as turning a large window into a doorway to the kitchen for outdoor dining.

Incorporating open space is often a key requirement for home remodeling, and adding an extension can be a great way to achieve this.

The property used to have a brick extension, but by upgrading it, the owners were able to add more windows and increase the amount of light flooding into their kitchen.

A deck area and double doors complete the flow between inside and outside.