Space Under The Stairs

Space Under the stairs

In a small house, every square inch is important, from small bedrooms to narrow hallways and small bathrooms. This also means you have to be very creative with your storage options.

But do not worry – you are in luck. If there’s space under your stairs, you do not have to let it go to waste. There are many things you can do with this space, such as reduce storage issues or create additional seating. Or if you are brave, you can even create a wine cellar.

Do not let the space under your stairs go unnoticed any longer. You can design something yourself or hire a designer to create custom inclusions. Let it inspire you and furnish this space in your home.

Create a Garden

If you have several plants that do not need much light, you can create a cozy little nook under your stairs for them. Start with a built-in shelf and incorporate your plants into decorative items like baskets and books to turn this random spot into a little green paradise.

Assemble a library

This is another case where built-in shelving is useful for spaces under stairs. Some of the design teams have very stylishly combined the impressive library under the stairs, adjacent to the dining room, with small and decorative objects. If you have a treasure trove of books in a box, this is a great way to attract their attention.

Install a wet bar

If you want to have fun, a wet bar can be helpful to brew a potion or crack open a bottle of wine. This designer-designed wet bar sits comfortably in the living room, ready for cocktail hours and dinner parties with friends.

Organize yourself

When it comes to smart storage, the spot under the stairs is a great option. It’s easy to add a few cabinets or drawers here, providing a nifty storage option for essentials. Designers have used the space under the stairs as storage for pet essentials.

Arrange a work area

Designers looked at the space under the stairs and saw an opportunity to create a stylish work area. Make it smaller with a desk that fits easily into the space, and if you want, you can go a step further and create a work nook as well.

Display decorative objects

If you would like to have a place to display decorative items that are dear to you but have limited space, consider the space under the stairs. Build some shelves and display your favorite decorations. 

Craft a children’s corner

Finding enough space to store kids’ toys and other essentials can be a challenge. You can fill the space under the stairs with the things your child’s playroom needs, such as books, stuffed animals, and other items that are regularly stashed in bins.

Construct a laundry room

Instead of dedicating the entire room to the laundry, you can put it under the stairs. With the help of custom slots, the washer and dryer will fit perfectly in this space, allowing homeowners to turn this laundry room into a nest or office.