Southwestern Style

Southwestern style, known for its khaki color palettes and rustic accents, has become very popular in the world of home decoration and design. Influence of history, culture, and indigenous textile industries; Construction methods of Spanish immigrants; And the rural charm of the “wild” American West style, the Southwestern-style has a much longer and much more diverse history than you might think.

The History of Southwestern Style

Historically, the southwestern style has had three major influences:

Indigenous Peoples:

Long before the immigrants arrived in the American Southwest, the area was inhabited by indigenous tribes – especially Navajo. Navajos has a very long history of producing beautiful, vibrant, and woven blankets and textiles. Handmade pottery and woven baskets. And personal items, such as turquoise jewelry and leather goods. Today, you can still see many of the Navajo influences in the Southwest style. If you want to decorate with Navajo accents, buy your goods directly from Navajo craftsmen and women or those living in Navajo. Not only does it directly support a local artisan, but it also strengthens the local economy.

Spanish settlers:

Spanish immigrants were among the first to enter the southwestern United States. Because the southwest has a climate similar to Spain, many immigrants used traditional construction techniques to build their new homes. Using materials available in the area, such as clay (for walls) and red clay (for roof tiles), the residents promoted their building style throughout the area. Some of the key elements of the Spanish colonial style include thick white plaster walls, red clay roof tiles, wooden beams and accents, and khaki color palettes.

The American West: 

The symbol of the “Wild West” also has a major impact on the decoration of today’s southwestern home. As many American immigrants entered the warmer and hotter regions, they had to make do with what was available to them. Items that were once considered useful – such as cowhide rugs, rustic furniture, wood, and hammered metal accents – are now key elements in the Southwest style.

Elements of Southwestern Style

When it comes to home decor, you should always use your personal touch and have furniture, accents, and decor that fits your family lifestyle. However, if you want to have a rustic and rustic look, there are some key elements to the Southwest style:

Simple, white walls

Stick to white walls like a traditional Spanish colonial house. A simple background will display any vibrant textures, khaki accents, or pieces of wood in your home. In addition, white walls can brighten a darker space.

Earthy color palettes

Clay, brown, and turquoise are the colors you usually see in southwestern decoration and for good reason: They imitate the surrounding desert environment and pay homage to the materials available to the tribes and indigenous immigrants. You can easily mark a more khaki color palette with more vibrant accents, such as woven textiles (rugs, pillows, and blankets), and brass or copper vases or mirrors.

Layered textures

Layering different textures can add depth and dimension to your home. Try setting up a vibrant woven rug with leather upholstered furniture, cow or sheepskin pillows, and a coffee table or wooden side table.

Wooden furniture

Wooden furniture and accents that were once useful can give your home a wonderful rustic feel. You often see wooden roof beams in southwestern homes – because traditionally, brick houses are not complemented by decorations, so the beams support the walls and ceilings – as well as heavy wooden tables, chairs, and cupboards. Don’t be afraid to mix wood veneer too – it just adds another layer to your space.

Natural accents

If the long-horned skull is not your favorite – though we have to say they look amazing on a fireplace, bed, or desk – it will accentuate your space with other natural elements. Cacti are extremely easy to care for, while geodes can add color and smell to a room.

Hammered metals

Another useful thing was home decoration, forged metal lights and accents are commonly found in southwestern homes. Try different coatings such as old bronze, copper,  or brass for extra color and texture.