Outdoor Lighting Design in Barcelona

Lighting is as important as plants for successful landscape design. Hard landscape and exterior structures, such as pergolas and arboriculture. In addition to creating safety and security, proper equipment placed throughout the yard can turn the night into a beautiful masterpiece with lighting. Here are some outdoor lighting designs in Barcelona to inspire you.

What to Consider Before Installing Outdoor Lights

First, evaluate the features of your yard to highlight them with lights. For example, swimming pools, spas, and stairs are key areas for lighting for safety purposes. Also, highlight plants, architectural features, and outdoor rooms. In some areas, you may want to add lighting, while in others you may be looking for ghost shapes. The goal is to determine what kind of equipment you need.

Contact your local building department for local codes that determine the type or levels of lighting before selecting lights. Once you know the types of lights you can install, play with light filaments or light bulbs in different areas of your yard and place them on different levels to see what the light looks like in space. Remember to practice basic lighting safety, such as using outdoor lamps and paying attention to electrical safety in the presence of water.

Levels of Lights

A deep, narrow ground was a fun challenge for Bell Landscapes. Smart lighting design in Barcelona was essential for a multi-level home, with exterior staircases and decks of varying heights. The devices were strategically placed for safety and attractiveness, allowing residents to move easily on interior and exterior surfaces.

Soft Lighting

Lighting can evoke different moods. For example, the landscape uses soft light around the pool to create a calm scene at night. There is still plenty of safety light so you can see the pool environment. But it is not blinding when you go swimming in the moonlight.

Illuminated Steps

The bluestone steps of the carriage house are illuminated to create a spectacular entrance as well as safety. How to frame the lights for rectangular stairs is well spread out of the tiles of the rectangular stairs.

Cacti Lights

The spotlights on the row of cacti that lead to the front door of this clean house provide a focal glow. Not only does it provide some safety light for the sidewalk, but it also allows you to see the beauty of the plants even at night.

Golden Lantern

A prominent lantern with an Edison lamp creates beautiful shapes in the whitish facade of a house. At night, it gives the house a golden glow that is both warm and attractive. But it still provides enough light to provide security and access around the entrance.

Outdoor Room Lighting

An outdoor room needs a lot of light to be usable at night. A rectangular garden bed is drawn with interior lights that frame the space, combining the landscape element with the modern lines of the house. Other outdoor lighting fixtures emphasize structural details such as the frame of the pavilion and dining area and the cargo area.

Illuminated Pool Features

Some pools turn on the waterfront in the best way. The slide, blue wall, and spa are all well lit. In addition, there are environmental and safety lights around the pool area.

Front Door Lighting

The front door should be well lit, both for safety and to give your home a pleasant look. Add both headlights and sconces to give more light when searching for keys or greeting guests. Sconces provide visual appeal, while skylights highlight the area right in front of the door that you want to be the brightest.

Outdoor Fireplace

Build your outdoor space around a large fireplace that can be used for environment, heat, and light. This is the best way to create a cozy glow in an outdoor seating area. And if you have a stove big enough, you can put a candle or lantern on it for extra light.

Architectural Wall Lighting

You can use the lighting decoration in Barcelona to create interesting architectural details in your home. For example, some square lights give walls and stairs a completely different look when lit at night. In addition, they are a practical way to illuminate the path.