Moroccan Style Decoration Design In Barcelona

If you are looking for a unique yet elegant and warm feeling to your home, consider the intricate and mysterious elements of Moroccan-style décor. From vibrant colors to intricately designed wood and mosaics, this luxurious, dramatic and exciting style is popular in modern homes decoration design in Barcelona.

Morocco, located between Europe and Africa, is a country influenced by a mix of different cultures around it. Moroccan décor combines the styles of France, Portugal, and Spain from the northwest with the strong Mediterranean, African, Iranian and Islamic influences from the south and east. The result is a specific Moroccan style of inspiration.

Elements of Moroccan Décor

Warm weather means spending a lot of time indoors in cool comfort. The interior often combines elements of nature, vibrant colors, ornate furniture and accessories, potted plants, and soft light to achieve the perfect interior. Here are some special ways to bring elements of this particular style into your home.

Shimmering Colors

Get inspired by Moroccan landscapes when choosing a color palette. Shades of blue, green, and turquoise are reminiscent of the surrounding oceans; bright gold and silver evoke images of the desert, and bold reds and oranges evoke images of intense, beautiful sunsets. Imagine a room inspired by Morocco, a space with deep orange walls or terra cotta, furniture covered with red fabric with an intricate design. And throw pillows in contrasting colors, including blue, green, gold, and pink, with equally crowded designs.

If you prefer a neutral palette, the Moroccan style uses soothing earth tones that reflect the colors of the desert. Neutral Moroccan décoration design in Barcelona consists of light white walls and furniture that combines colors such as sand, beige, cream, and sand. The neutral-colored Moroccan room includes heavy-textured fabrics for upholstery, as well as tactile woven fabrics for throw pillows.

Luxurious Furnishings and Fabrics

All Moroccan furniture, from sofas, and ottoman lounges, to wooden hand-carved decorative tables, is placed on the floor to enhance comfort and relaxation. Moroccan-style furniture features a rugged appearance, rugged and intricate carvings, and inlaid pearl or mosaic tiles.

Moroccan decor has a lot of juicy fabrics in rich colors, intricate textures, and crowded patterns. Upholstered chairs include velvet and silk. Cover luxurious fabrics, including Moroccan wedding blankets, on a variety of surfaces, on chairs, on tables, on windows, and on ceilings. Stick colorful transparent silk on the living areas or dining rooms and hang the mosquito net from the flat canopies.

Alluring Accessories

Lighting, mirrors, embossed carpets, and plants are all important elements of Moroccan décor. The combination of these accessories creates the Moroccan-style decoration design in the Barcelona oasis you are looking for.

Light the room with lamps and pendants of geometric shapes made of colored or stained glass, cut metal, and engraved wood.

Hang decorative mirrors with wrought iron frames, deep engraved wood, onion dome frames, mosaic tiles, and metal or jewelry decorations.

Lay plenty of cushions on a Moroccan Bani-Orin rug (thick, fluffy Barbary rug), a wide-knit kilim rug, or ceramic tile.

Scatter tropical plants, including banana or papyrus trees, in large pots or colorful baskets.

Place decorative brass or copper trays on tables and puffs.

Sensory scents

Perfect fragrances enhance a Moroccan-style decoration design in Barcelona. For the perfect complement, choose a candle, incense, or spice-rich scents such as cinnamon, nutmeg, or saffron. Try the sweet scent of jasmine or orange blossom with the colors of ginger, oakmoss rose, clove, and musk colors sandalwood.