Mistake in Kitchen Renovation In Barcelona

Renovating your home can be a complete explosion or it can be a complete disaster. The difference depends on how you prepare yourself, what your overall process is and what common mistakes you deliberately avoid. From paint to cabinets, the “triangle” between your main appliances, to the overall space of the space, there are many aspects that you should consider when separating and remodeling your kitchen.

However, if you take the time to do it right from the start, you will avoid unnecessary issues and enjoy the experience.

From interior designers to construction experts, here are some common mistakes people make for a kitchen renovation in Barcelona.

Choosing Non-Quality Materials

Have you heard the phrase Go big or go home? Well, in kitchen renovation in Barcelona this is true. If you are not going to do everything (logically, of course) then you certainly should not rebuild. At least that’s what some designers feel about raw materials and prioritizing quality.

When it comes to kitchen materials, marble can be a problem because it is easily stained, cut, and engraved. If you often cook or entertain, it is better to avoid marble, because red wine, in particular, can stain it quickly. Instead, invest in quality materials that will withstand a lot of adverse conditions.

Painting Your Cabinets

While painting cabinets is not a problem, our experts say you have to be smart and log in with the program. Painting for the sake of appearance may take so long for you, and if you want to have a kitchen renovation in Barcelona, the last thing you want is to have to repaint everything in a year.

Used furniture coloring is one thing. Painting a Cabinet for Thousands of Dollars to See It Scrub and Break Down in Less Than a Year – [This is a whole other story. When the budget is low, it is quite good to check the color and stain of the cabinet, because replacing the cabinet is the most expensive part of the kitchen renovation.

You can paint your cabinets and find solutions (especially if you want to keep costs down), but you do not want to compromise on quality. The best way to ensure that you do not end up with a bigger mess at the end of the line? Invest in expert help.

Not Considering Storage

Kitchens are all about function, especially because everything from preparing food and cooking to enjoying the cooking process takes place in this space. However, people do not always think about the meaning of this issue in terms of storage.

One [big] mistake people make when remodeling their kitchen is that they do not include storage space in their design or the amount of space they need. This is why it is important to be aware of your daily routine so that you can ensure that the design is both functional and maintains your beauty.

Neglecting Space

One of the biggest mistakes people make when renovating a kitchen is not thinking about space. You can have the latest and most stylish appliances, cabinets, and features, but if you can not maneuver around your kitchen to use these parts, it is useless.

A common but painful mistake people make when renovating a kitchen is that they do not need the space of their cabinets and appliances when opening. An example of this is when the refrigerator doors hit the island counter in front of it because there is not enough space for walking.

Measure your equipment to make sure it fits perfectly in the space you want. Consider opening the door and which side the doors, appliances, cabinets, shelves, etc. open from to make sure you have enough space. And of course, consider the areas with the most traffic and the mobility you (and others) need when cooking, drinking, and socializing.

Mistake in Kitchen Renovation In Barcelona

Rushing the Process

Kitchen renovation in Barcelona is a slow and methodical process. Hasty decisions about everything from flooring to cabinet style can lead to regrets and frustration when completing the final project.

Homeowners should keep in mind that materials may look very different from your actual space in an exhibition because light, color, etc. can affect the appearance of the product in one space compared to another.

Take your time, of course, but also bring samples home to see how different colors combine (or do not) in the light of the space you are remodeling.

Not Connecting the Kitchen to Other Spaces

To have a kitchen renovation in Barcelona, it is important to consider how other spaces work together or compensate for your kitchen to create a bit of integration throughout your home. Although this does not mean that every room in your home should match, there should be an element of flow that makes sense.

The mistake that can easily get your claim denied is to fail. Although it is certainly a more functional space, the kitchen must be seen (and considered) as an extension of other rooms.

The best way to [have kitchen renovation in Barcelona] is to place the color palette in any space. The kitchen should admire the style that is happening in the rest of the house. Instead of creating a completely different space, create a kitchen that incorporates some of the colors used in other spaces so that there is a good flow from one room to another and the colors of each space complement each other.

Changing Your Mind

While everyone can have their uncertain moments, experts advise not to even start the reconstruction process. Save as much time, money, and headaches as long as you are sure about your preferences, materials, and tools.

The number one mistake we hear about is that you changed your mind about home appliances after planning the cabinet. This can be a costly mistake … [and] for now, not ordering enough appliances is a big problem. Thanks to the last two years and supply chain problems, availability is dire. It may now take six months or more to get some refrigerators and dishwashers!

Forgetting About Electric and Lighting

There is a definite difference between a beautiful kitchen and a usable kitchen.

And, unfortunately, in a hurry to rebuild and create something amazing, sometimes homeowners forget about light and electricity and leave the space darker than it can be used, without the need for an outlet to run various appliances, or worse, with Inadequate ventilation.

Experts say that this is often the product of too much focus on work areas (sink, dishwasher, counter, etc.) that other areas are forgotten. Or do your repair without consulting a specialist for some electrical and safety concerns.

We often see people focus so much on the larger parts of a kitchen remodeling project that they forget the details. Elements such as lighting, switches, and sockets add to the beauty and overall function of the space and should not be forgotten. Cleverly placing electrical appliances, such as sockets under cabinets, on your kitchen and storage island will make your space usable for years to come.