Living Room And Drawing Room

Difference Between a Living Room And a Drawing Room

The kitchen may be your stomach and your bathroom may be your private spa, but when it comes to where you spend most of your time, it’s probably the living room. Wait, scratch that. Is that a living room? The two rooms can look so similar that you might think living room and living room are synonymous? The truth is, however, that there are small and subtle differences between the two. So how do you know if you are in a living room or a parlor? To help you out, we will explain the difference below.

What is a living room?

Let us face it, it may have been a minute since you heard the term living room, but a few centuries ago they were all angry. As a short form of the term living room, in the 16th and 17th centuries, the parlor was usually a place where families spent time with their guests. Some research shows that the living room was where women retreated to before the dining room, which was considered a male space at the time.

The living room – or lounge, as it is sometimes called – is usually located near the entrance to the house and is a place where you can entertain guests. Designed a little more formal – and of course without TV. Fashionable people can even serve cocktails or tea.

Although many have traded a living room for a family room, this space still exists in homes that are spacious. And most often this is the room to be stylish.

What is a drawing room?

How about the salon? As the designer says, this room is all about life. We believe in a home that you love and live in – with a partner, pets, kids, guests, troublemakers and everyone else. For this reason, we are all fans of the salon.

The salon may be the space for a home today, but it’s been under construction for decades. Research on the evolution of the modern salon has revealed that it all began with the Industrial Revolution. Because the advent of machines made the workday so much easier, people suddenly had some free time to rest and relax – and needed a place to do so.

Toward New York, that predicted salons would be filled with instant technology. Over the years, those long-term design dreams came true. The advent of television in the home changed the way we use our living space. In shows like The Dick Van Dyke Show and The Brady Bunch, the living room becomes the center of the home. And thanks to the advent of open concepts, the living room has become almost everything.

It’s a space for a lifetime: for relaxing, spending time with family, watching your favorite shows, studying, working, and yes, having fun.

Unlike the living room – which is usually located near the front door – a living room can be placed anywhere. However, designers say that living rooms are most often found near the kitchen.

How to decorate a Drawing or living room

Whether you have a team living room, a team living room, or enough square footage in your home for both, it’s important to decorate your space carefully. (No matter how your space is defined, you’ll likely spend a lot of time there). Top priority? Create a space that suits your needs.

If you are a fan of entertaining, make sure you have plenty of seating for your guests and enough space to walk around. And if that’s the case for you, you might even want to add a shopping cart. If you mostly work from home and have the idea of a great Friday night, pizza and movies on the couch, choose a suitable place to relax with deep chairs where you can put your legs up.

And if you want to turn your living room into a salon, our designer advises you to consider the more stylish pieces and use them only for special occasions.

Sure, it can be beautiful and show off your unique style impressively. But the idea that it’s so valuable that it’s only used for special occasions, or that you feel refreshed every time a guest drinks wine for fear of spilling it – that’s not what a home should be!

Instead, outfit your living room with beautiful fabrics, a washable rug, and a great sound system. (After all, just because the living room ignores the TV does not mean it can not be a party-ready pad.)