Lighting Trends

When it comes to what is necessary in our homes, lighting is often not talked about as much as furnishings or other basic elements of the space, and in some cases it is even completely ignored. Furnishing a house or apartment may be enough, but it’s hard to argue that a shiny pendant light or themed chandelier can not beat the infamous skylights or ordinary recessed lights in most homes.

In 2022, lighting trends look brighter than ever, and there’s something for everyone and every room, from glamorous and bedazzled chandeliers to dainty lamps and bulbs that gently illuminate the space. Here is how experts envision these trends and what points are important for the right composition in your room.

Oversized and the center of attention

Designers and product designers believe that lighting is a sure way to create a new sense of space. A fun way to do this in 2022 is to add a large chandelier. This is a great and affordable refresh for a room or entryway that guests will notice immediately.

This also shows that chandeliers are no longer just hanging in the dining room or foyer, but can find a place in a variety of rooms. It’s just a matter of choosing the right one.

Unexpected Matches

Some styles, as different as they may be, harmonize when combined. Designers present an example of timeless silhouettes combined with modern finishes and materials to create 2022 lighting trends. This is even a great solution for decorators who can not decide between two (or more) looks.

Designers like the idea of using an old design element like a chandelier to modernize it. It’s a complete contrast between traditional and modern and gives a unique twist to the classic.

Linear lighting

Long lines and simplified silhouettes will replace more and more complex designs in the new year. While brighter chandeliers and bolder options still have their place, this simple look is a refreshing change that many may be looking for.

Linear lighting fixtures are more modern in design. Linear lighting also provides the right scale for dining rooms with rectangular tables or kitchen islands with a pendant light. In addition, linear fixtures offer a more integrated look because they require a lighting fixture to complete a room.

Fun Little Touches

The designer’s favorite style is metal, whether it’s bronze, gold or nickel – it adds a subtle yet industrial component to the room. Also remember that you can have fun with light bulbs to change the look of a light bulb.

Spiral filaments, flame tips, or even colored bulbs are a fun way to brighten up light fixtures that you may not want to completely replace. It’s also a great solution for coordinating a lamp or chandelier with different room themes.

Subtle and Gentle Lighting

On one end of the spectrum are statement lights, and on the other end are soft fixtures that illuminate a room with a subtle light that makes a big difference in the atmosphere and overall look.

Designers predict that light that “melts” into a room will become prevalent in 2022. Bright, open and airy is what we want to live in now, and great lighting is one way to achieve that. But something that almost disappears in the room to make room for other important design elements like art or textiles.

Room-Specific Lighting

The designer knows that making light can be difficult, but he says it is a room-to-room trick. Room divisions make it easier to buy lighting and allow a place such as a living room or guest bedroom to be equipped with lighting fixtures that match the color palettes or related themes.

Imagine in 2022 you will see an integrated integration of lighting that works well with the design of any room. For example, if you have a beach space, a wicker lamp or simple glass pendants may be the best option; on the other hand, if you have a more traditional space, you may want to go with wall hangings or flash bases. The most important thing is to enjoy it and make it your own.

Natural and Raw Textures

Quiet spaces often have a natural texture or theme, and that makes sense. Nature and the outdoors can be the most refreshing places to spend time, and who does not like their atmosphere to reflect the quiet energy? This year, even lighting will participate in this concept.

Organic, bamboo, wood grain, wood materials, and natural textures are the trends that give the room a stylish look. We can include this type of equipment in almost any room, including kitchen entrances, living spaces, bathrooms, and more.

Layering Lights

Instead of relying on one light source, 2022 will be about restoring the appearance of layered light, and we will see a resurgence of combining several devices in one room. And while it may seem like a lot of light, it is a great arrangement for large spaces such as the living room where lamps and ceiling lights play an important role in different situations.

A chandelier, for example, maybe the highlight of space, but adding layers of different light sources for versatility increases depth. This can include recessed lighting, directional art lighting, sconces, and accent lamps. Installing dimmers and separate controls for each source can create a wide range of scenarios.