kids room in Barcelona

One of the things most expectant parents look forward to is setting up a bedroom. Where their little one can sleep. Most of the decor in these rooms revolves around relaxation and rest, restful and refreshing sleep, which is very important for newborns (and everyone else, of course). As children grow, there are periods when they are much more active and develop their creativity. During this time, bedrooms can change and pastel colors can be replaced with more vibrant colors. In this article today, we will discuss how to decorate a kids room in Barcelona.

Tips for decorating a child’s room

As we have already mentioned, during the early stages of a child’s development, the nursery should be calm and peaceful. To achieve this goal, you can use pastel colors. Some people choose the traditional light blue for boys and rosy pink for girls. But, of course, you do not have to stick to the routine – yellow, green, and purple also fit well in a child’s room. Thin curtains that allow light to pass through but not so much as to upset the child are another option.

A cozy chair in which you can breastfeed your baby in a quiet environment or bottle is also a great way to decorate the room. Soft, smooth lights that do not disturb the baby’s sleep also add to the space. Wider cribs that can be turned into cribs will save you money as your baby grows. Finally, a wardrobe for their clothes, a built-in changing table, and a wardrobe for storing items and clothes. And a rug with plenty of space to crawl is all ideal for a child’s room.

As children grow older, they may need different furniture to suit their age and needs. A changing table is no longer necessary then, but a small children’s table can be very useful. Especially if the child spends a lot of time behind the desk, it is important that the chair they sit in is comfortable. Because it can prevent back pain. If they share a room with a sibling, a bunk bed can be very helpful. As most children are happy with this type of bed and it is also a good way to save space and make more room for toys. And for playing in the room.

 At this time, children can also choose colors and things for their room. Which are likely to be a combination of vibrant and bright colors. In any case, it is important not to mix more than three strong colors to create a chaotic atmosphere. Neutral primary colors for curtains and ceilings such as white, beige, or gray can be the best combination. To have a real harmony with two bold colors. Storage furniture is all you need to store your arsenal of toys in the room.

Rustic nursery design

Your bedroom is a personal retreat that you can design in different ways depending on your taste and needs. Designing a child’s room should be no different. And often a compromise between what they want and the look or theme you can create is the best way to go. While most kids’ rooms seem to have a clean, modern look, this winter tries a modern, rustic style that is fun and cozy. This is also a great way to revisit the fun memories of your jungle house vacation and create a dreamy and natural retreat for your child.

The Classic Cabin Style

Think rustic, and the first thing that comes to mind is the large logs and rough wooden surfaces that mark the walls and ceiling. While this may not be the norm for most modern homes, you can change your children’s bedroom by adding a few beams to mark the ceiling and create warmth in the room. One of the best ways to do this is to turn the attic into a children’s bedroom. As the sloping roof adds rustic style. Apart from creating the look of a winter cabin that you are looking for, wood gives a lot of textural contrast to the space and gives a calm and at the same time wonderful atmosphere to the bedroom.

Cabin-inspired rural children’s bedrooms are also a good idea for all of these people, as bunk beds are often common in such rooms. Families with more than one child can also turn to this style. This allows you to create a wall of bunk beds with built-in ladders and stairs! With some extra space and convenient storage, this bedroom will easily become a great playroom.

A Touch of Modernity

We are big fans of bedrooms that combine modern aesthetics with classic rustic style. With that, you can create a smooth combination between the two. Shaping a child’s bedroom that is both stylish and rustic is much easier than you think, and gives you a room that grows with your child’s needs and choices. Choose more modern decor and accessories instead of heavy wood elements and worn surfaces. Add a refurbished bedside table or a wooden headboard that creates a great look in a modern room. The important thing here is to keep the color palette warm and earthy. And keep the bed frame rustic while adding some modern colors to the room.