Hygge is perfect for small spaces

You may have come across the term “hygge” in recent years, but it may be difficult to understand this Danish concept. The pronunciation of “hoo-ga” cannot be defined by one word but means a general feeling of comfort. Imagine a well-made bed with cozy blankets and bedspreads, a cup of freshly brewed tea, and your favorite book while a fire blazes in the background. That’s hygge, and you have probably experienced it without even knowing it.

There are many ways to embrace it all in your space, but it all comes down to creating a comfortable, warm and calm environment in your home. The best thing about hygge is that you do not need a big house to achieve it. Some rooms are full of little things. If you want to add a little Danish coziness to your small space, we have got you covered.

Instant hygge with candles

One of the easiest ways to add a touch of freshness to your space is to fill it with scented candles. Candles are essential to the hygge experience and offer one of the easiest ways to add warmth to a small space. Place them on a bookshelf, coffee table, or around a bathroom and you’ll see how the Danes relax.

Focus on your bedding

Since hygge originated in Scandinavia, it’s no surprise that it’s based on the principle of minimalism in a modern style. This designer-designed bedroom screams nothing as it is uncluttered but cozy and has layer upon layer of fresh bedding. Bring hygge to your bedroom in two stages: first, get messy. Second, go crazy. If it’s too hot for heavy comfort items, focus on lightweight, breathable layers that you can remove as needed.

Embrace the outdoors

In 2018, there are nearly three million hashtags on Instagram with the hashtag #hygge, full of photos of cozy blankets, fires, and coffee – and this trend is not changing anytime soon. Many of these health ideas work best in the winter, but they work well year-round. Green space can be incredibly relaxing, it cleanses the air and makes the room feel full. You can easily mimic this refreshing look with some of these air-purifying plants in your small space.

Hygge does not need furniture

A common misconception is that you need a home full of modern Scandinavian furniture to embrace hygge. Although your home should be uncluttered and minimalist, this philosophy does not require furniture at all. If you can not fit modern furniture in your small space, a few floor pillows (and lots of hot chocolate) will do the trick.

Focus on the lighting

Does not a dream bed make you want to curl up with a good book? Add some coffee lights or fairy lights to your bed frame or the headboard of your work chair for the perfect look. With the right lighting, the room will instantly look warm and attractive, and the best part is that you do not need any extra space to play with this look.

Who needs a dining table?

If you search for “hygge” on Instagram, you’ll find countless photos of people enjoying breakfast in bed. Many small spaces do not have a formal dining table, but if you live in peace, you do not need to walk around a table to enjoy a meal. 

Less is always more

This Nordic process is all about limiting yourself to the things that bring you joy and happiness. If your small bedroom or living room does not allow for a lot of furniture, you can go all out by focusing on clean lines, simple palettes, and minimalist furniture. When everything is just right, we have the feeling of freshness, and a small space is a great canvas to focus only on the important elements.