Hollywood Regency Interior Design Style

Hollywood Regency is an American interior design style that originated in California in the 1930s. It is a product of the golden age of cinema, which was inspired by the grandeur and glamor of the silver screen.

Regency Modern, Hollywood Regency was an updated version of the nineteenth-century Regency-era interior.

Although Hollywood Regency emerged concurrently with the popularity of Art Deco, it remained a distinct style that eventually caught on with the prevailing international esthetic and medieval modernism. But Hollywood Regency will always be attractive to maximalists and never really go out of style. The Hollywood Regency style continues to influence modern designers and interior designers who keep the classic Hollywood style current by combining it with neutral colors and balancing the glamor with a sense of modern luxury. Even those who do not wholeheartedly embrace the Hollywood Regency style can add a bit of sophistication to any room with a well-chosen piece of mirrored furniture or another signature feature of the style.

So what is the interior design of the Hollywood Regency?

Hollywood Regency is a style of interior design inspired by the luxurious homes of actors and film directors, particularly the homes of the Golden Age of Hollywood.

It features bold colors, bold stains, and glamorous accents, and combines deco art and mid-century modern trends to create characterful spaces and make them unique.

This style features amazing options and colors, special pieces, furniture in different styles, glamorous touch mirrors and reflective finishes and patterns.

Unlike most interior design styles that encourage you to maintain a balanced feature of stability, Hollywood Regency decor is the opposite: each room can have a theme or a combination of different inspirations.

The colors are the star of the show

Perhaps the most obvious and immediate gift of the Hollywood Regency is its irreverent and daring use of color. 

When it comes to creating a Hollywood Regency palette, there are no rules other than what can almost be called a tagline: Lightened and saturated

Pinks, yellows, turquoise, golds and emerald greens are the most popular colors in this bright palette, especially as highlights and undertones.

Another undeniable Hollywood Regency combination is black and white to create a strong contrast (e.g. shiny or checkered stripes).

Be bold with your furniture

Choose just one word to describe the type of furniture recommended for this eclectic style.

Look for eye-catching pieces that look unique (yes, even if mass-produced) but come from different eras and styles.

Hollywood homes usually combine some old European and French pieces from the era with simpler, cleaner furniture or mid-century modern furnishings.

You can still stick to multi-purpose woods and veneers, but it’s not a bad idea to use some mirrors, glass, or lacquer as well. And trust us: these do not have to be small accents. You can have coffee tables and entire storage sheds with mirrored surfaces. 

Add lots of luxurious accents and details

 The fact that regenerative Hollywood furniture does not take up the whole room means something else: to make an environment look attractive and luxurious, you should focus more on accents and decorative details.

Some popular tricks include the use of metal trim, unconventional details like fringe, and eye-catching chandeliers in almost any room.

Crazy about textures

Just as you combine the different patterns, you can do the same with the textures and especially the touch options that add to the luxurious feel of the style. 

Velvet, suede, silk and furs, for example, are popular fabrics and materials in Regency Hollywood homes. Put some blankets on your sofa or bed!


The Hollywood Regency is all about mirrored surfaces. From furniture to embossed pieces to entire walls, it’s hard to imagine the role of mirrors without them. While mirrored surfaces add an eye-catching glow to a room, one of the furniture company’s founders and creative directors recommends sticking to smaller mirrored surfaces and embossed pieces. Place decorative mirrors with angled and beveled edges to give the room a touch of Hollywood Regency. Like gorgeous mirrors on a sideboard in a dining area. These are beautiful accent pieces that we can easily change.

Characteristic elements of the Hollywood Regency style

If you are hoping for a simple list of things that instantly scream Hollywood Regency style, you can do it right.

Scatter some of this around your home and you’ll likely see some paparazzi waiting outside your house within a few hours: 

– Glamorous coverings like mirrors (just like Hollywood dressing rooms!) and painted surfaces.

– Bright and contrasting colors 

– Animal and tropical prints

– Sunburst or starburst motifs

– A freestanding bathtub

– Folding screens or room dividers

– A makeup desk

– Chandeliers 

– Marble and stone surfaces