Colors for Different Interior Designs in Barcelona

We are constantly updating the options and offer many recommendations that can help you choose the right color for each apartment/condo room. Here are some of the latest recommendations:

Whole interiors

Instead of choosing a flat white color for an entire apartment or condo, you can maintain a neutral theme throughout the unit without compromising on aesthetics. If the goal is to make the place look inviting, but you know that new residents sometimes choose colors that reflect their tastes, consider rooms in different colors of gray, white, beige, and khaki.

Living rooms

If your living room does not have interesting architectural features, you can use color to attract its attention. But color can also highlight existing architectural features that you want to highlight a little more.

The combination of pure white, charcoal blue, and bright gray can be used in a ratio of 60:30:10 for a stunning effect in the living room. For a more earthy beauty, use a combination of medium white, white Dover, macadamia, and wool skin.

Need more advice on the right color for your living room? Let interior design in Barcelona help you.

Colors for Different Interior Designs in Barcelona


In some cases, you can be a little bolder in choosing bathrooms that are small spaces that can help a little with the color combination. An example of Sherwin Williams is the black accent of black magic, which goes well with a middle green garden spot and a double latte tan. For a brighter approach, you can use different shades of gray, including Rhinestone and Gray Clouds, but then add a vibrant accent, like Cajun Red, to the room.

If you are stuck with the color or design you use in your bathroom, our interior design team in Barcelona has a lot of experience in this area and can help you.


Kitchens can take on different personalities depending on the hardware, flooring, counters, and cabinets available. You can go for contemporary, rustic, rustic, or traditional in your approach. If your kitchen receives little natural light, consider one of Sherwin Williams’s best choices for the kitchen – the blue sky, which brings air to the room.

For kitchens that receive a lot of natural light, you can use Cayenne, which is a rusty color, and a lighter gray wool skin to balance it. Kitchens can vary from unit to unit, so let’s give you an expert opinion on the color scheme of each unit.


An ongoing trend in the bedroom is choosing a combination of soothing colors. Neutral soil, whitish color, is one of the most popular colors currently used in the bedroom. Try Celestial for your bedroom with the blue theme that has become popular this year, which brightens the room but maintains a soothing effect. If you want to combine colors, check out the Drizzle, which is similar to blue, and the whitish option is Downy.

Interior designers in Barcelona make sure that every bedroom gets the attention it deserves, including determining which colors look best.