Color Temperature

Which color temperature for which room?

The advent of LED has ensured that today there are light sources with different color temperatures. Therefore, it is no longer clear what color of light you should use for your home or office. Every room has a different function. Generally, the activities in a room determine what bright color is needed. If you are at work, you generally need more light than if you are spending an evening at home with friends or family. Warm color temperatures are mostly a matter of personal taste. These Kelvin values vary between 1800K and 3000K. In this blog, we offer several guides on light colors or spectrums that are suitable for a particular room in your home or workplace.

Which light color should you use in which room?

You will encounter light everywhere. Every home or business has different rooms that should all be lit with a specific light color. For your convenience, we have looked at the rooms of different homes and corporate public spaces. This will help you know which color temperature is best for rooms with themes such as entertaining guests, comfort, food preparation, sleep, health and work.

What is the most suitable color temperature for reception areas and front tables?

Reception areas and reception tables are places where visitors or (business) guests come. This is a place where people are welcomed and companies make an immediate first impression. Therefore, a fresh and calm atmosphere is absolutely appropriate in these areas. Depending on the amount of daylight, very warm white (2700K) and warm white (3000K) are best. With a variety of LED light sources, you can fully illuminate the room and even match the lights to the design. With different connectors and shapes, the white (very warm) LED lighting can be installed in any device (designer).

What color of light is best for living room, dining room and entertainment rooms?

The living room and dining room are areas where people gather and socialize with friends and family. As entertainment spaces, they provide the comfort needed for young and old alike. These rooms have one thing in common: they are full of atmosphere. A cozy mood is easily created with lighting that has a warm look. Therefore, a very warm white color (1800-2700K) is very suitable. Because of the various activities that take place in these rooms (such as games, drinks, dinners, movie marathons or reading books), these rooms are versatile. The adjustable DimTone lamps LED are a great solution if you want to create the atmosphere with activity. These lamps have not one, but several bright colors that can be dimmed! In addition, very hot white LED light sources are available in different connections. Therefore, the LED lights are available for any device (designer).

What color temperature is best for the kitchen and dining room?

Kitchens and dining rooms often have two functions. Food is prepared and food is eaten. Although the cooking area is a workspace, the dining area needs a special space. After all, you want to relax and/or socialize with family, friends or colleagues while you eat lunch at work or have a meal at home. Therefore, a warm white temperature (3000K) is a good compromise. If you want to look warmer at breakfast, lunch or dinner, you can choose adjustable LED lighting or use a combination of bright colors. The latter can be solved by supplementing the general lighting with 2200 – 2700K LED lamps. These can be placed in a fixture (designer) on the dining table. The same applies to the living area in the dining room.

What is the most suitable light color for bedrooms?

The main task of the bedroom is the bedroom. Not surprisingly, this is a place where you can relax, perhaps without being disturbed. During sleep, the light does not matter, but for other activities it is important. You can watch TV or read a book. Also, you will be attracted to this room. Very warm white colors (2200-2700K) and warm white (3000K) are the most suitable colors for the bedroom. In general, people do not prefer to wake up to very bright light. Therefore, warm white light may be considered too bright by some people. Since everyone prefers a different color of light in the bedroom, adjustable LED lights or DimTone lamps are a smart solution. Of course, you can also choose different color temperatures. In this case, you can distinguish between general lighting and warmer lighting (for example, with raised lighting or bedside lamps).

What is the most suitable color temperature for bathrooms and toilets areas?

For bathrooms, the color of light depends on which room is being used. Toilets in private homes, as well as in businesses and catering establishments, are preferably lit with very warm white (2700K) or warm white (3000K). This also applies to general lighting in bathrooms. Especially if you use these rooms in the evening or morning. After all, you do not want to be blinded by too much light. For activities such as shaving, removing eyebrows, and applying makeup, it is better to use a light cool white color (4000K). Cool white mirror lighting is a good option for this. Think GU10 LED spotlights or GU5.3 LED spotlights that can be easily installed on the ceiling or mirror cabinet/mirror frame. This will ensure that this cooler light color is confined to the area where you are doing these activities.

What is the most suitable light color for home workspaces and offices?

In general, offices and workplaces are areas where people should be concentrating. Cool white (4000K) is known for its fresh look that allows people to be active and focused on their daily activities. Although there are various light sources and devices with cool white light, for offices it is recommended to install cool white LED panels with UGR < 19. The light level of these LED panels is so low that people do not feel any light disturbance. This increases productivity in the workplace. In order not to disturb the light at the workplace at home, it is better to choose a luminaire that radiates downward. Lighting at a 90-degree angle, such as cool white LED downlights, is suitable. Accent lighting can be added as desired. This applies to both offices and home offices.