Best Feng Shui Colors

The best Feng Shui colors for a home office

Many of us know the challenges of staying focused and working from home. One way you can help yourself get the energy and space you need when working from home is to make sure you have a spare home office. Feng Shui can help you design your home workspace to make the most of your productivity. Whether you use a separate room as an office or a corner in your kitchen, you can use the principles of feng shui to make the most of your space.

One simple and effective way to start using feng shui at home is with color. There are many ways to approach feng shui and color, and if you want to get involved in finding the most supportive colors for your space, it can be helpful to work alone with a practitioner.

If you are ready to play with colors in your space and just need some feng shui tips, here are a few colors that generally work well in an office environment.


White is associated with the metal element in the five element color system. The metal element means that you are productive. It also relates to your creative output and your ability to complete projects. If you have a hard time putting things off or getting started, white is a good color to use in your office. Depending on what makes the most sense for your space, you can use a true white or a bright white.


Gray is in between white and black and also has the qualities of a metallic element. A lighter, cooler gray radiates the same energy as white, making it another great color to boost productivity. A warmer gray with a more earthy brown undertone provides a more sustainable energy. In feng shui, gray is also associated with helping people. Adding gray to your office color palette is one way to invite more useful people into your work life.


Brown is associated with the earth element in a five-element color system. The earth element is all about earth and comfort. Various shades of brown, as well as other khaki colors, are associated with this element. Brown wood veneers also represent the earth element, so a brown wood table is associated with the ground. If you feel anxious or worried at work, adding a floor element to your home office can help make it easier.


Black is related to the element of water, another of the five elements. Water seeks wisdom and finds purpose. The element of water and the color black are also closely related to your job. If you feel that you are unclear about your job or purpose in life, try adding a little black to your office space.


Yellow, like brown, is associated with the element of earth. It is the traditional color of earth in feng shui. Yellow also evokes the energy of the sun and the feeling of happiness. If you want more comfort and harmony, try to design your office with yellow colors.


Green is associated with the element of wood in a five-element color system. Wood is associated with growth and action. If you feel like there is little or no energy in your office, increasing wood energy by adding green can help boost vitality. To quickly boost wood energy, work with clean, vibrant greens and grass.


Green is in between blue and green and is also associated with wood energy. If you are looking for more growth and movement, green flowers are a good choice. Green, blue and mint green all remind you of nature and the energy of spring. If you are looking for more connection to nature, these hues may be just the thing for your office.


Red is a very powerful and auspicious color in Feng Shui. It is active and protective and is associated with the element of fire. If the energy in your office is not right and you want to do something for your happiness, you should complement your office decor with some red. When it comes to red, it’s a bit too much, so you may want to add it in small doses rather than coloring an entire wall red. Intend to set your red extensions to protect you and correct any negative energies – not only in your office, but in your entire work life.