Bathroom Styles in Barcelona

Whether you are renovating a bathroom with the help of a designer, architect, or contractor, knowing which style resonates with you can be a big help. Read on for popular bathroom styles, including color palettes and key features of each look.


Transitional baths beautifully cross the line between traditional and contemporary, with enough detail to delight people in both design groups. While there are elements of both traditional and contemporary styles, the transition baths do not deviate in any way.

Key features of transitional style baths:

Shaker style toilet

Light-colored stone countertops, floors, or walls in materials such as marble and quartz

Sink under the mountain

Metro tiles

One base

Glass shower cabin

Classic lighting such as drum hangers, up-to-date chandeliers, and stylish wall sconces.

Color palette: 

Whether you choose cold or warm colors, the colors in a transition bath are soft and delicate. For a richer look, consider blue, brown, gray, or wood.


Modern bathrooms are stylish and simple, emphasizing strong horizontal lines. Clean and flourishing details keep the focus on the architecture.

Key features of modern bathrooms:

Floating toilet

Glass shower cabin

Independent bathtub

Minimalist valves

Simple lighting

Frameless mirrors

Color palette: 

The focus of a modern style bathroom is on architecture, meaning that the color palette tends to be clear white, clean, subtle neutral, and black. Colored pieces appear in the form of accessories such as bath towels and plants.


The contemporary bathrooms completely incorporate the latest technologies, materials, and trends for a new look with clean lines and minimal decorations. Contemporary bathrooms can break (and do) the rules, but generally, avoid heavy decorations and traditional shapes.

Key features of modern bathrooms:

Stylish toilet

Minimalist valves

Glass shower cabin

Statement tiles

Slim mirrors

The latest technology such as digital shower control and smart mirrors

Color palette: 

The black and white palette is a popular choice in today’s bathrooms, although any high-contrast color combination can work.


Traditional bathrooms are timeless, comfortable, and refined, with gleaming surfaces and high-end materials. Unlike minimalist modern bathrooms or trend-conscious contemporary bathrooms, traditional bathrooms favor a healthy amount of decorative detail and classic elegance.

Key features of traditional baths:

Furniture style toilet

Beautiful stone counters, floors, or walls

Antique style lighting

Classic bathtubs like claw or base style

makeup table

Vines, wallpaper, and decorative molding

Color palette: 

The colors in traditional baths are soft and soothing. Subtle neutral colors and light shades of blue and green work well, or consider deeper shades of blue, brown, gray, and wood for a richer look.

Bathroom Styles in Barcelona


Farmhouse-style baths balance the rural charm of regional and rural heritage with the simplicity of modern friendliness. And while farmhouse bathrooms today often incorporate modern elements, this is no place to experiment with trends: think simple, honest, and homely.

Key features of farmhouse style baths:

Shaker style toilet

Warehouse lighting


Van Claw

Warehouse sliding doors


Color palette: 

The bathrooms of farmhouses prefer simple and natural color palettes. White with transparent black embellishments is a popular choice. For richer colors, look for neutral, nature-inspired, and other classic colors.


Rural baths embrace the natural beauty of the outdoors and combine rugged materials with warm and cozy textiles to create a pleasant atmosphere. Today’s interpretation of appearance can be more (or less) contemporary depending on the sensitivity of your design.

Key features of rustic style baths:

Wooden or wooden toilet

Dishwasher sink made of stone or copper

Natural stone counters, floors, and walls

Copper bathtub, Japanese style bathtub, or classic toe

Hardware in worn coatings such as oiled bronze, old brass, or hammered copper

Heating details such as kilim rugs and incandescent lamps

Color palette: 

Rustic style bathrooms reflect the colors of natural materials such as stone and warm wood with colors and color accents in similar shades, for a rich and cozy look.