Bathroom Decoration

Bathroom decoration

When thinking about decorating your bathroom, do not just think of it as a functional space. The best bathroom decoration ideas are a place of sanctuary and comfort. They are also a cozy retreat after too much time with the kids. Luckily, there are many little tips and tricks to keep in mind to create a satisfying look that suits your taste and gives your space attention.
If you are still unsure of what to do and your brain is fried from endless scrolling and filing, we are here to give you some simple ideas on how to decorate your bathroom in Barcelona.

Choose a color scheme for your bathroom

While decorating a bathroom in white and black is a super simple idea for decorating a bathroom and maximizing your space, several hues will suit your washroom strategy.
But before you decide on a role, consider how color can affect our mood and perception of the space. While green can give a Zen feeling, soft pink tones exude romance and a touch of regency.

Maximize your space with mirrors 

Whether you are getting ready for a night out or just want to check there’s nothing stuck in your teeth, a bathroom mirror is a must-but not just for a pretty face. 
With almost magical powers, the right mirror design ideas can make your space seem bigger in amazing ways if you are looking for small, inexpensive bathroom ideas
Baths and showers are great steam areas but do not stress because heated mirrors are dustproof. This ensures they will not fog up in a high humidity room like the bathroom. Mirrors with LED lights are another stylish idea that will ensure your hygiene goes off easily.

Hide pipes with a plant

Name something that a plant cannot fix. Also, if you are unhappy with certain things in your small bathroom that you cannot fix, such as unsightly pipes or a boring cabinet, you can use a plant to draw attention away from that area. And this is a popular way of bathroom decoration in Barcelona.

Rely on tiles

A smaller footprint means less room for decoration, but when you install stunning tiles, you bring tradition to your bathroom. The use of tiles is one of the most famous bathroom decorations in Barcelona. The colors and patterns of ceramic squares brighten up the room and do not take up precious space, as they are used as countertops and to cover the shower.

Keep it simple

The bathroom is a small house is as small as it gets, but in some small bathrooms, you will not feel cramped. Keeping products to a minimum and just showing off your favorite plant or candle will make things feel more spacious, even if they are far away.

Work with your windows

Hang an eye-catching curtain board or two instead of traditional curtains or drapes to make a bold statement with your window coverings in a small bathroom.