White color in interior design in Barcelona

We imagine that completely white space is to an interior designer what a blank canvas is to a painter. The potential for a white backdrop is exciting, but the expectations are incredibly daunting. Before you start decorating, you probably have a lot of questions: what colors go well with a milky house? How do you create visual interest and break the monotony? What interior design styles go well with the ivory esthetic?To answer our questions about creating a stylish yet serene white interior, we recommend tips for white interior design in Barcelona. 

Choose your white wisely

You may think that choosing white for your interior is an easy route, but finding the right shade is never easy. Some whites have a warm undertone, while others have a cool one. Next, consider the architecture of your home. 

Yellow tones give white a warmer and creamier look, while blue tones have a clearer effect.

Create a color palette

Once you have decided on the color white, it’s time to bring the color into the room. When it comes to pairs, Taylor says there are three palettes you can choose from:

– Complementary palette: combine any two colors that are opposite each other on the color wheel (for example, blue and orange).

– Split Complementary Palettes: Take one color and combine it with the two colors adjacent to its complementary color on the color wheel.

– Tonal color palette: Decorate a room with tones from the same color family (e.g. all gray or all blue).

Set a theme

If something unusual comes to mind, they should reconsider their position. Regardless of the color scheme, there should always be a carefully planned theme and approach to any decor. The good news is that there are many styles and themes you can work with.

Decorate with greenery

When you need a break from the world, your home should be your sanctuary, and one sure way to achieve this is through greenery. Houseplants can boost your physical and mental health, and they are also a great splash of color to eliminate white spaces. There are two options for that chic botanical feel.

You can choose from a variety of date leaves, banana plants, and succulents, or opt for native dishes with potted plants in the kitchen window.

Add artwork

We know that art is very personal, but there are still a few considerations when choosing artwork for white spaces. If you have a busy space, a single, oversized piece of art is ideal.

However, in spaces that either do not have interesting architectural features or have unusual features (like dark red brick), a gallery wall can do wonders to add a focal point or change an existing spot.

Consider your lighting

In addition to choosing the right white color, you should also consider your home’s lighting. This is important because the shade you fell in love with at your home goods store may look completely different in your home.

A room with lots of natural light will likely look warmer, so you can use a cooler shade of white to balance out the space. Rooms that are artificially lit by LED or fluorescent lights can seem cool, so stay warm.

Try White with Wood Accents

The versatility of white is one of the reasons we love to decorate. Combining white with natural accents, especially wood, is a great way to create a minimalist or rustic atmosphere. Using wood in furniture or even as a raised wall are effective ways that this pair will work well for you.

White Goes well with everything

White goes well with just about any color. If your walls are white, you have a blank canvas to add furniture and curtains of any other color. In other words, the walls will be something less that you have to worry about matching with your other decoration. If your furniture is white, you can pair it with some colorful walls. The white color allows you to create beautiful contrasts in your home. When the majority of the house is white, you don’t need to hold yourself back in terms of using other colors.

Try a rustic theme

For fans of the rustic trend, white is an ideal color to work with.

For a more comfortable and cozy feel, cover warm woods with worn white linens and sofas and chairs with linen covers. This creates a more rustic feel and pairs beautifully with a white palette.

Combine with metallic

One of the easiest ways to transform a room into a modern or glamorous style is to combine white with metallic. White and gold can create a warm, decadent glow, while white and silver can create an industrial feel. Especially in the bathroom or kitchen, these two teams are a dream.

Keeps it minimal

Minimizing is a practice that many people, including celebrities, are currently following. It is stylish, practical and easy to maintain. If you want to keep your home minimalistic, an all-white design can help you achieve this goal. White furnishings make the room look transparent, open and chaotic. If this is your style, you do not have to worry about putting up exquisite furniture or artwork to add drama to the room. You can make it feel homey and beautiful according to your needs. This is especially useful for small apartments.

Use white to open up smaller spaces

When it comes to a smaller space, white decoration and design can always help. In areas like corners or small offices, white helps to open up these small spaces and bring them to life. You may also want to pair it with other colors and use white as an added accent. This can work well if you have certain flaws in the room that are highlighted by an all-white room. Authority is key.

These are just a few reasons why white is so popular in interior design. The things you can do with white are limitless, so let your creativity take over and embrace that color.