U-Shaped Kitchen Design in Barcelona

The U-shaped kitchen is a typical layout with cabinets, tables, and interior fixtures on three sides, with the fourth side open or having an entrance or opening door. In larger spaces with sufficient width, U-shaped kitchens are often equipped with an independent island or chair. In smaller spaces, a peninsula may be attached to one side to provide more space for sitting and counters, while leaving space to move in and out of the kitchen. The smallest U-shaped kitchens may be built on three sides of a dedicated room with an entrance door or compartment on the fourth wall. 

Here are some tips for arranging your kitchen design in Barcelona based on a U-shaped layout that will help you make it functional, stylish, and enjoyable.

Central Dining Table

If your U-shaped kitchen design in Barcelona is large enough, you can always install a kitchen island. But if your kitchen has enough space around the counter and storage space and enough depth or width in the center to add living space, some people find dining tables and chairs more comfortable than bar stools around the island. An antique or reproductive farmhouse table, or a living sculpture-style dining table, looks lighter and you can change more easily if your taste changes. If you want to place a central table, make sure you leave enough space for rotation and flow around the table.

Add Depth With Paint

To make sure your U-shaped kitchen design in Barcelona is not too boxy and a note, add depth with a dark color on the far wall and/or base of the kitchen island to help create a focal point and define the space.

Pendant Lighting

A large U-shaped kitchen can feel like a cave. Hanging pendant lights on the top of the island or dining in the middle of the room helps to define the living area and fills some of the vertical space, making the kitchen easier to spend time with.

U-Shaped Kitchen Design in Barcelona

Open Shelving

One way to prevent the U-shaped kitchen from feeling cramped is to add open or floating shelves to the walls instead of cabinets. Be sure to keep the open storage space neatly organized, and do not miss the opportunity to add stained glass, accessories, artwork, or other decorative elements to make the room homely.

Round Table

A U-shaped kitchen with seamless interior space from floor to ceiling can help you look neat and minimalist. While many people choose to add an island or square or rectangular table to the center of a large U-shaped kitchen, one way to increase the visual appeal is to break all those straight lines and increase the flow by adding a round table.

Open and Shut

Reduce visual clutter in a U-shaped kitchen with floor-to-ceiling cabinets on one of the walls that maximize vertical space. The combination of open shelves and closed storage keeps it exciting and allows you to see the objects you want and hide the clutter behind the cabinet doors.


If you work with U-shaped kitchens that have a narrow view and a built-in peninsula, minimize clutter with utensils and appliances under the counter and make the surface transparent for dining and kitchen preparation.

Banquette Seating

In a large, large U-shaped kitchen design in Barcelona, adding a banquet to the far wall adds to the convenience, which means you can reduce visual clutter by adding fewer chairs. If you do not have space for a banquet, add a bench to save space.

Use Area Rugs

In a slim U-shaped kitchen, adding area rugs to define the space can be less like a hallway and more like a living space.

Wraparound Seating

One of the disadvantages of the island bar stool is that you have to press your neck to make eye contact with your dining companions. If your U-shaped kitchen is large enough and wide enough to fit a kitchen island, add a chair on either side.