The high-tech style 

The high-tech style 

If you like the coolness of metal, glass and shiny plastic, if you appreciate modern technology, then you are a fan of the advanced tech style. Advanced style interiors feature an abundance of glass, metal, plastic and media/computer equipment.

The high-tech style is the newest of them all. The style in designing public and private interiors emerged in the last third of the twentieth century. It derives its resources from the design of industrial spaces. The advanced style is based on the popularity of cinema and science fiction literature and, of course, on the advent of ultra-modern materials.

Features of the high-tech style:

– Minimalism & Rationality

– cool, light colors

– straight lines and angles

– the absence of ornaments and floral motifs

– the predominance of concrete, plastic, glass, metal

– integration of pipes, valves and air shafts into the interior

– use of metallic colors and glossy coatings

– varied lighting, LED and concealed lighting

– a lot of modern technology

Where is high-tech appropriate?

If you like a modern interior – then high-tech is your style:

The high-tech style is particularly suitable for office interior design: Precision, brevity, business acumen, and modern office materials all create a workspace. You can order an office interior in advanced style for an advertising company and a business center or a bank or pharmacy office.

Furnishings with the advanced technology of electronics or mobile phone stores organically emphasize the relationship between the collection and its progressive direction. Metal, glass and plastic are ideal backgrounds for trendy widgets.

The interior of the high-tech store floor is equally suitable for home and digital technology, shopping malls focusing on the sale of CDs with movies and games, modern clothing and accessories stores.

Why high-tech?

This style combines the practicality of functionalism and techno style with the grand aesthetics of minimalism style. It is a combination of tangible beauty of the space, freedom, spaciousness and comfort in the interior that brings modern appliances.

High-tech is a stylish, trendy, attractive and comfortable style for your home.

The High-Tech Style in Interior Design

Building knots, fasteners, fittings and rivets, and the abundance of glass and metal details became the decor elements of this interior, where most of the engineering equipment opens. Construction of industrial buildings, metal molds, and technical communications is common for advanced styles.

Pipes, valves, air ducts, elevators, hinges, beams, trusses, and cables are explicitly used for display. Performance, lack of decor, and geometric shapes with glass and metal structures, mainly from a monochrome palette, and the active use of technical innovations are expressed. Metal, glass, plastic, natural and artificial stones are used as complementary materials.

You can use paint, liquid wallpapers for the wall finishing, or even leave the concrete or masonry. Walls must be plain, bright, and smooth. Beams, pipes, columns, valves, and any other engineering components can be interesting elements of the interior.

Natural stones, ceramic tiles, or carpets are the most suitable flooring materials. The use of curtains is not welcomed for high-tech styles. If you need to separate the interior from the outside world, it is better to use curtains (vertical or horizontal), Japanese curtains or light-colored curtains, and glossy fabrics. The main colors used for advanced technology are white, black, and gray. In addition, yellow, red, blue, and green shades can be used indoors. 

In addition, nylon, Capron, and other synthetic fabrics are preferably used in decoration. The use of smooth and shiny fabrics and other surfaces (floors, walls, and furniture) is recommended.

Style Features


Advanced style furniture such as office chairs and stools, plastic facades of kitchen units, interior appliances, hard-shaped sofas, coffee, and dining tables are made of plastic or glass. Chairs can only resemble an office, but require leather or synthetic leather upholstery and metal and base fittings.

Furniture in this style is modern appliances, interior cabinets, minimal open shelves, and precise symmetry.

High-tech signifies an abundance of mirror surfaces (cabinets, kitchen, table) and a minimum of decoration. Cushion or painting within a rigid framework can be the brilliant zone (monophonic only).


The main colors are cool gray and white. However, bright colors with a metallic sheen act as great accents. Use neon green, orange, red and black for this purpose.


Textile items are also not widely used in advanced style interiors: 

Curtains in advanced styles are usually replaced with metal shutters. However, a combination of curtains with long white curtains mounted on a hidden ceiling frame is possible. Curtains with the pattern are unacceptable. Use only lightweight, bulletproof fabric, clips, and retainers. 

Fabric upholstery is usually replaced by leather. Cushions can be of cloth. The upholstery of sofas and chairs is also allowed, but the interior should be monochromatic and smooth. 

The high-tech style kitchen is a kitchen without colorful tablecloths, towels, and pots. This kitchen is a realm of glass, smooth surfaces, multifunctional appliances, and stylish lighting.