Teenage Girls Bedroom

When your child hits puberty, they will be doing many more things in their life than they did in childhood. From homework to sports to socializing. Puberty is an important time in life for expressing individuality and personal style. One way they can express themselves is through the design of their bedroom. This is an area in their home that they take for granted and will likely spend a lot of time in.

We present our favorite ideas for teenage girls’ bedrooms. How will you use a little girl’s room when your older teen only needs a small bedroom and even ideas for sharing a room with a sibling? These ideas for stylish and practical changes are something they will love when they get older or are a teenager.

A Colorful Loft Bedroom

Even if your teen’s bedroom is a small loft space, it can still have plenty of personality and style. The interior designer can add color and interest to the small space with bright and patterned wallpaper, bedspreads, and furniture in complementary colors.

A Creative Space

Whether your teen girl needs a place to study or a place to let her creativity run wild, she needs a space in her room that inspires her to create. This office area features unique furniture, pink accents, and beautiful furnishings like yin-yang pillows that work together to create a space that is as stylish and creative as it is functional.

A Dreamy Wall Mural

Murals are a great way to make a great design statement in the bedroom with little skill and a small budget. If you have basic drawing skills, you can even use a projector to paint a picture and stencil on the wall.

Secret Garden Mural

Is not it a dream to wake up in this bedroom that looks like a secret garden? The designers decorated the embossed wall with a garden decal to create a dreamy look that would please any teenage girl (and even an adult). The rest of the room was designed in a minimalist way to make the small attic look more open.

Bold + Bright

If your daughter has a bright and bold personality, it pays to have a room that suits her. This bold pink wall is an affordable and easy way for a girl with a big personality to feel like her room reflects her personality. The rest of the room is softened by white furniture and flowered Roman blinds that make the embossed wall shine even more.

Pretty In Pink

Every detail of a pink youth room, from the pink dotted wallpaper to the dramatic globe lighting, enhances the design. Pink accents with white sheets and furniture, combined with natural Roman blinds, soften the look.

Contrast Hangout Corner

An easy and inexpensive way to isolate an area in a room is to paint it a contrasting color. In some teen rooms, designers have painted a corner of the hangout space a dark blue that contrasts with the white space. Patterned pillows and blankets accentuate the style and provide a comfortable place for any teenager to relax.

Floral Accent Wall

An accent wall with wallpaper can instantly upgrade a room, even on a budget. This indigo floral accent wall, along with the gold furniture, script art, and quirky furniture, makes a great statement in this meaningless teen’s room.

A Cozy Corner

This corner of the bed is the cozy place for a teenage girl to sleep or spend time. The sconces and light bulbs make this a great place to read a good book. The shiplap walls and natural window shades provide a good backdrop for patterned beds and hanging artwork. Hanging an egg chair not only improves the style of the room but also gives your teen another space to hang out.

Dresser Decoration

The wall above the dresser is a blank canvas for your teen to express their personality and interests. Some of the Impressions furnishings have beautiful turquoise decor, government artwork, and appreciative words that make a plain white dresser beautiful.