Teen Girl Room Design in Barcelona

Private bedrooms are vital for teenage girls. In many homes, this is the only space where they can truly display their unique taste. These days, however, band posters and lava lamps do not make smart teens obsessed with stylish décor. How can a parent create the space for their child’s dreams? The following teen girl bedrooms have many stylish ideas that the whole family will love.

An Elegant and Sophisticated Bedroom

It is a fact; Your teen will eventually grow up. This is why you may want to consider furniture that is versatile enough to work for your baby at puberty. The bedroom is a beautiful combination of parental design beauty with several attractive features that are suitable for adolescents on the verge of adulthood. The wavy pattern on the black curtains and the matching accent pillows are both large and strange. The pale pink color softens the room without feeling youthful. Our favorite feature is the toilet seat and chair. This is a modern take on the classic Hollywood Regency style.

A Splash of Floral Prints

Create a dream teenage girl bedroom with these ideas. The goal of the designers was to prevent the space from feeling too adolescent. Floral wallpaper with a large and bold print creates the tone of the elders. Several boho-style elements, including wicker chair chairs, Aztec-inspired pillows, and animal wall decor, helped create a playful feel.

A Spot for Slumber Parties

Teen bedroom suitable for sleeping. It has two beds of four twin posters inspired by the old style – one for a teenager living here and the other for a night’s guest. While neutral color schemes offer chic durability, the room’s white, gold and purple palettes are just as classic. Investing in decorative accents with lasting power is also a win-win. Here the interior designer went with luxurious Mongolian fur pillows.

Room Design in Barcelona

A Dreamy Brass and Lucite Space

This attractive teen bedroom, white, gold, and black, will make every school girl very jealous. This space has been deceived by today’s features that even adults like, such as a four-poster Lucite bed and a hanging chair matched with stylish brass decorations. Next to the bed are identical bedside tables that blend beautifully with Mongolian black fur pillows. The gray couch at the foot of the bed is undoubtedly a complex feature. A strange rabbit pillow softens the large edge of the sofa.

A Blend of White and Bold Colors

White walls are a great backdrop for colorful decorative accents in this teen bedroom. Blue patterned bedspreads and vibrant pillowcases fill the bed — a molded plastic chair in a bright pink color is used as a second bedspread. Mural art makes the space more personal. We think every room in the house should have a lovely houseplant. The bedroom has an adorable pink orchid.

A Space With Impactful Striped Walls

Five words summarize this type of teen bedroom: sugar, spices, and anything good. Gentle pink striped walls have a significant effect without overpowering the rest of the space. The full-size bed frame is a Paris-inspired headboard suitable for a young princess.

White furniture and accessories make the best use of small space by creating an open and airy feeling. Our favorite feature is the cloud-like butterfly chair covered with Mongolian faux fur. Pay attention to the ceiling – the interior designer put away the cheap lights and lifted the bedroom with a chandelier.

An Elevated and Contemporary Bedroom

Older teens with refined tastes can be very sensitive. The bedroom with decorative accessories that is one hundred percent enlarged looks like a velvety colored headboard. Curtains and rugs, which both have different and modern geometric designs, add another level of complexity. Bright colors, especially red and bright pink, keep the space young.