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Barcelona Chair

How to Identify a Genuine Knoll Barcelona Chair Although Ludwig Mies van der Rohe says he wanted to be good rather than interesting, the professional architect took an interest in one of the great designers of modern furniture in the mid-century. One of his…

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Air conditioning

Industrial refrigeration and air conditioning are both based on one mechanism: a liquid, usually water or air, is cooled by evaporating another liquid, the refrigerant. The refrigerant circuit, which includes the compressor, evaporator, condenser, and expansion unit, is an essential part of both systems….

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The high-tech style 

The high-tech style  If you like the coolness of metal, glass and shiny plastic, if you appreciate modern technology, then you are a fan of the advanced tech style. Advanced style interiors feature an abundance of glass, metal, plastic and media/computer equipment. The high-tech…

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