Stylish Glass Sheet Kitchen Decoration in Barcelona

If you do not know about kitchen glass sheets, follow! This is a hot backsplash option that has been used for many years in the US and European markets, especially in up-to-date kitchens. Especially you can see it in the kitchen decoration in Barcelona.

Splash glass is a sheet of glass that can be painted in any color and then mounted on the wall. This approach offers a fully customizable appearance while being very practical because it is easy to maintain and clean. They are a great alternative to stone or quartz and offer a wide range of colors.

Check out some of the highlights and benefits of this Backsplash option.


Some sheet glass manufacturers offer color palettes to choose from. The paint is painted on the back of the clear glass. It is even better if you buy from companies that cook in the factory. This ensures that your veneer does not become chips or crusts.

It is possible to install clear glass on a painted wall to dictate the color, but you have to be careful with this application for kitchen decoration in Barcelona. It is important to remember that any bugs or dust that may fall behind your glass are visible from the front and there is no way to clean the glass and walls, so it is essentially something. Which will be visible for the life of your splash.


Contemporary kitchen decoration in Barcelona is a design style for spraying glass sheets. Without grout joints, a sheet of glass is visually cleaned as much as you can.

You can run the glass at full height, half-height, or even in a six-inch spray. There are some size restrictions, so on large walls, it may be necessary to have one or two seams to connect large pieces.

Kitchen Decoration in Barcelona


Glass sheet backlash costs more than glass tiles. The installed price is between $ 45 and $ 60 per square foot. Metallic colors such as silver, copper, or gold are more commonly used in Barcelona kitchen decor than solid colors.


Installing glass sheet backlash in your kitchen should be done by a glass specialist. They have a tool to lift the glass and place it without breaking or scratching it as it enters.

The glass sheet is usually attached to drywall and sealed at the edges when it hits a wall or other surface. It is also sealed in the counter connection.


The benefits of glass sheet backlash are enormous.

The surface that is easy to clean: The glass is easy to clean, making it a great option for splashbacks where food can be easily sprayed on the back surface during cooking.

No grout for sealing: Without grout, glass is not only easier to keep clean, but also does not require sealing. Another trend right now is to extend your table material to the wall, but most natural stones such as marble and granite need to be sealed, while glass does not need to be sealed.

Reflection: Light is reflected from the glass, making it a great choice for kitchens with a lack of natural light.

Undoubtedly glass sheet splash is a great backsplash option for today’s kitchen decoration in Barcelona. It is low maintenance, easy to build, and moderately expensive. It does not get much better than this!