Shared Room for Kids Room Design in Barcelona

Many parents believe that each child in the family needs to have a bedroom. Children can express themselves in their space, have time alone, and take responsibility for their belongings.

But who can say that this can not be achieved in a common room?

Siblings who share a bedroom develop communication skills, learn how to solve problems and begin to understand the importance of respecting others.

Sure, it’s no quarrel over who stole whose pillow, or which child caused the mess that both were asked to clean. While we can not stop these discussions, we can share creative tips on how to decorate and organize your children’s living room in a way that will make them both happy.

An incredibly convenient alternative to self-storage units. They pick up, store, and deliver your belongings so you never have to visit a warehouse and spend more time with your children.

Divide the room with functional storage 

Providing each child with an area to call their own can keep arguments at bay while allowing them to put their personalities on display.

The common room separated the 12-year-old girl and the 5-year-old boy in a way that worked for both children while keeping the entire room away from the crowds. The girl’s side shelf displays movies and collectibles, and a clipboard on the back of the boy’s toy truck shelf.

Different bedding, shared accessories

Let each child show their personality with sheets in their favorite colors or with their favorite characters. Then, choose accessories for the arrangement around the space that will tie everything together. 

This fun room shared by 4 and 2-year-olds includes two completely different bed services. Everything is accompanied by a glowing wreath, colorful old artwork, creative storage space, and a calm yet striking background of dark walls. Dark walls that are extremely easy to clean thanks to this wall cleaner.

The result is a cohesive atmosphere that still gives kids a bit of individuality. This is just a decent amount of insane entertainment, which is exactly what childhood should be, don’t you think?

Shared Room for Kids Room Design in Barcelona

Let each child show off their prized possessions on open shelves

Open shelves reduce the need to keep everything in a special space, which is a boon in a room full of many children’s items.

Embrace organized chaos and allow each child to have free control over their own set of shelves. They can display their favorite books, stuffed animals, handicrafts, and anything else they deem worthy of display.

Bring order to the closet

A few children in a room leave little space for anything else, especially a closet. That’s why we created a closet organizer for two boys, using shelves and hanging shelves. Their clothes are detached to make preparation easier, and the simple organization of the cleaning process at the end of the day is easier.

Add personalized elements to define each child’s area

It’s time to divide a room from the middle with a masking tape to determine which side belongs to whom. With monograms, nameplates, and early artwork, there is no confusion about who owns which area.  

In the bedroom of two growing girls, each table is decorated with the first letters and special utensils of each child. Personal pillows have also been added to each bed to give them a special touch. It is clear who rules which area without deviating from the overall feel of the room.

Rotate hand-me-downs

Hand in hand is very important for saving money with several children at home. If siblings can synchronize their growth spurts, it would be great to hold the T-shirt as soon as the first T-shirt is finished, but there will certainly be peace in the rotation of these T-shirts.

Keep these items in boxes and bins that are out of reach and yet easily accessible until sibling #2 can fit in dress #1 long and under-closet shelves are both valuable spaces used for small items. When number 2 is ready to become an upgrade, you know exactly where to “buy” first.

Create completely separate spaces in one room

If your children are complaining about the need to share a room, make them both happy by creating two rooms.

Separate spaces – no wall mounting. The visual division of the area into two parts with wallpaper works of art, or decorations that are in complete contrast with each other, creates the illusion that there are two separate rooms, minus contact with a contractor.