Bathroom Remodeling ideas

(part 1)

Renovating an old or worn bathroom is never easy. To save space, replace your bathtub with a shower, put it in the washing machine, or create extra storage space.

Renovating your bathroom can be a real challenge, and since we love spending time there, we want a bathroom that is as functional and comfortable as life. In this room, one of the priorities is space optimization. To optimize space, replace the bathtub with a shower, cleverly saving a few precious centimeters. So we can manage to install a washing machine or create additional space.

Is your bathroom in need of a renovation? Below, in 3 parts, we will share 10 examples of renovated bathrooms with before and after photos.


Before: Bathroom to be modernized

The room was quite well-appointed, large enough to accommodate a bathtub, but the whole thing needed modernizing. The bathroom also lacked style and light.

After: The bathroom is brighter

The room has been completely renovated. The bathtub has been replaced with a shower and the old sink has been replaced with a large toilet. The bathroom is brighter and equipped fitted with new wall lights and small spotlights.


Before: a dark and not very functional bathroom.

Not only was this bathroom poorly appointed, but it lacked light. Black tiles dramatically darkened the room and made it feel like it had no space left.

After: a modern and bright bathroom

To bring light into the room, the interior designer opted for light colors and wood. In addition, the bathroom was completely redesigned for more functionality. The floor of the shower cubicle and the area above the sink was covered with textured denim-look tiles, giving the whole a much more modern look.


Before: A dark old bathroom

This bathroom, left in its original state for many years, was more than fancy. Dressed in brown from floor to ceiling, the room was also very dark and unpleasant.

After: a super modern bathroom

It seems that the space that was cleared of the tub has grown by a few square inches. A shower now occupies the corner of the room, and a wall cabinet replaces the old brown cabinet. To save time, the wall tiles were covered with gray resin and the floor was covered with wood flooring.