Quick Makeover Bathroom Decoration in Barcelona

Bathing may be the only place in your home you have for yourself, and for many, it is a small escape route to enjoy a relaxing bath or do your nightly routine. Therefore, the design of your bathroom should reflect your aesthetics so that you can enjoy being in the space.

When it comes to bathroom decoration in Barcelona, you may think you need a general upgrade. But, you can give your bathroom a whole new look with simple and affordable upgrades. From simple color updates to things you can add to your home, we share our favorite simple ideas in bathroom decor that instantly enhance your bathroom design.

Simple Accent Wall

You do not need a lot of design elements and colors to create a room with high style. This bathroom displays colors through the embossed wall of wallpaper. The green vase highlights the accent wall more and more and ties the whole space together.

Curated Finds

Instead of buying a good toilet from a store, add selected items over time to create a great bathroom design.

Beautiful Bathtub Artwork

Artwork is not just for the living room or bedroom. This calm beach design gives a relaxing feeling to the bathtub part of this bath while combining all the colors of the bath.

A Touch of Black

Splashing black is exactly what this all-white marble bathroom needs. Add a tall black pot to your bathroom to make the space floor and place for the eyes to land. The houseplant also brings heat to a completely white bathroom.

Southwest Vibes

A large cactus, a wicker pot full of pampas grass, and wooden details enliven this soothing part of the bathtub. Plants that are combined with patterned carpets are following the southwestern design.

A Charming Color Palette

Sometimes all you need to refresh a powder room is a new color palette. The powder room is attractive with a soft pink and black color scheme with metallic accents. Bronze wall hangings give a beautiful look to a small powder room.

A Coat Rack for Towels

What was once an empty wall has now become a functional point in the bathroom. The coat rack has been revived as a place to hang towels just outside the bathroom. A wooden bench provides space for guests to store their favorite items or cosmetics.

A Beachy Feel

If the marine design is not your favorite aesthetic, but you want to add a tropical beach, look at your bathroom. Delicate additions like this white coral ornament with tropical floral wallpaper do just that.

Quick Makeover Bathroom Decoration in Barcelona

A Bright, Airy Space

The pleasant gray color palette gives a refreshing feeling to this bathroom, without being too much. Personal touches such as small potted plants and frame printing will give you a sense of calm and at the same time improve the design of the bathroom.

Indoor Plant Jungle

Plants beautify the home, so what better place to display them than in the bathroom? This bathroom has a great ledge to display several indoor plants. In addition, the plants add good color to it.

An Area Rug for Warmth

Nothing adds warmth, comfort, and lightness like a large rug. If your master bathroom suite has space for it, a large rug not only strengthens the space but also warms the soles of the feet.

Laundry Room Curtains

To separate the laundry area from the bathroom, a copper velvet curtain hides the laundry and dryer, while bringing texture to the space. The golden color perfectly complements the green shower tiles and the black shower glass frame.

Multipurpose Open Shelving

Open wooden shelves are an easy and affordable addition to the bathroom. As an extra storage space and a stunning design element that keeps everything accessible when enjoying a bubble bath.

A Variety of Textures

The bathroom has many textures, from the wicker chandelier to the bathtub to the black metal mirror along the floor. Bringing a variety of textures with such small additives is simple. Also, adding a soft rug underfoot strengthens the space.

Choosing the Right Décor

If your bathroom already has beautiful tiles and paint, you can make the look more beautiful by using the decor with the same color. The color in the marble veins of the shower tiles is transferred to a large charcoal gray pot filled with pampas for extra height and texture.

Dark Farmhouse

The farmhouse style in this bathroom design is met with a dark and immoral aesthetic. To create a similar look, use natural materials and details of farmhouses such as wooden toilets and matte black farmhouse sinks, and combine with moody colors such as hunter green walls and black decor.

A Contemporary Take on Coastal Design

At first glance, the decoration of the bathroom in Barcelona has a modern and clean look, but the marine details give the space a coastal feel. Round rope mirrors, blue ocean light, and modern blue wallpaper that looks like ocean waves will take you to your favorite vacation spot.