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Project Management

Project management is an application of processes, methods, skills, knowledge, and experience to achieve specific project goals according to project acceptance criteria within the framework of agreed parameters. Project management has a final delivery that is to a limited time scale and budget.

A key factor that distinguishes project management from “management” is that unlike management, which is an ongoing process, it has this final delivery and a limited time frame. Because of this, a project specialist needs a wide range of skills. Mostly technical skills, and certainly people management skills, and good business awareness.

What is a project?

A project is a unique and transient effort made to achieve a planned goal that can be defined in terms of outputs, results, or benefits. A project is usually considered successful if it achieves its goals following its acceptance criteria, within an agreed timeframe and budget. Time, cost, and quality are the building blocks of any project.

Time: Scheduling is a set of techniques used to develop and deliver plans that show when work is being done.

Cost: What are the necessary funds and financial management?

Quality: How can assurance of delivery goals and management processes be ensured?