Modern Rugged

Modern Rugged Décor

There is a common stereotype that people who consider themselves men are not as interested in interior design or decor as people who consider themselves women. And maybe that’s partly because interior designers have historically focused on providing services and customer satisfaction for women. Whatever the case, there are ways you can create a bold and stylish atmosphere while dispelling the stereotype that interior design is a “female” domain. Let us take a look at these great approaches to create a solid environment in your home.

Bold colors

Regardless of the room you are decorating or the style you are going for, it’s always a good idea to choose your color palette as a first step. Of course, a bold room is not a place where you’ll find bright yellows or pinks (although you might). Stronger colors range from darker tones to warm, neutral colors.

Classic neutral palettes like black and white go well with almost any room. Because of the tendency toward darker colors, pops of color are an important way to eliminate color blocks. Warm metals like gold or brass are always good for this role.

Geometric patterns

It’s difficult to find a single pattern that will suit all tastes and expectations of a bold room, but some patterns have a better reason to be used in adult rooms than others.

In general, you can not go wrong with a strong geometric pattern. This kind of bold style contrasts with curves and softer colors for clean lines and sharp edges. The presence of geometric patterns on textiles and accessories will allow you to weave esthetics into your space.

A great way to achieve this patterned effect is with a rug. Moroccan rugs with beige and black color palettes, which are quickly becoming a classic, are a great choice for quieter spaces. Neutral colors and a geometric diamond pattern are ideal for a heavy neutral space or to brighten up a cheerful room. Depending on the size of the rug, the scale of the pattern can visually enhance the entire room and reduce the need for other patterned textiles.

If you are creative, look for furniture that has a geometric design.

Colorful art

Art is a perfect accent for any room. This is one of the easiest ways to add bright splashes of color to a moody or neutral atmosphere. Gallery walls that combine multiple pieces create eye-catching expressive walls while also offering the opportunity to incorporate other, non-traditional wall art. Black and white photography is also a great option for spaces that are more quiet and contemplative.

Finally, look for ways to tie your art in with the rest of your decor. By picking up and repeating patterns and colors on rugs and textiles with your artwork, you can create a subtle, layered look that adds depth to your space.

A mix of textures

Perhaps even more than patterns, prominent adult spaces are a combination of textures with an emphasis on hard, uneven, or worn surfaces. Natural materials like stone and untreated wood are always the first choices when it comes to creating a space with a sense of cut. Brick walls are another perfect addition, offering both color and texture.

Metals are still a preferred texture in mechanical engineering as well. As a smooth counterpoint to stone, brick, or wood, uneven metal cladding can be used in small amounts by accessories and lighting fixtures or on larger pieces.

A range of accessories

Just because the space you are decorating is meant to convey bold style does not mean your accessory options are limited. Look for pieces that enhance the texture of the room, such as stone, sculpture, or pottery. Books are another good choice, especially older works with interesting or vintage hardcovers. Finally, textiles, such as pillows, are a great option to add color and design to a room.