Mid-century style in interior design

What constitutes the Mid-Century style

We define the mid-century style by several factors. This style of clean lines, smooth organic curves, gives us a passion for different materials and shapes.

This style spans from the mid-1930s to the mid-1960s, surviving events such as the extinction of wars and destruction. Nevertheless, the quality of this particular style is still appreciated by everyone today. The mid-century style in interior design is becoming increasingly popular in Barcelona. 

What makes it so distinctive

This particular style has some distinctive features that include a classic, light look and clean lines with minimal noise.

Remember that performance is important, as the following illustration shows. The room should be uncluttered and have glossy lines with organic and geometric shapes.

There are also minimalist decorations and different and sometimes contrasting materials that we use.

Know your colors and materials

For colors and materials in this category, we have wood and non-traditional materials like metal, glass, vinyl and plywood.

When it comes to colors, there is a wide range that we can compare to neutral with gold and graphic applications like black and white.

Do not forget the strong shapes, textures and patterns that make up the Mid-Century style.

Know the history and unravel the mystery

Understand the defining characteristics of the style and find the pieces that reflect it.

The iconic pieces of this era are endlessly adapted and copied, and you will most likely be able to find pieces that fit your lifestyle.

Buying vintage furniture is one way to do this, and even if you decide to buy new, a great piece can usually do just that.

It does not have to be a set, but avoid lots of patterns and stay within the color palette, especially with wood.

4 Features of Mid-Century Modern Design

Here is an overview of some of the features you might find in the interior of a mid-century modern home furnished in Barcelona.

Minimalist: Mid-century modern furniture is often very simple, with sleek lines and a focus on function and uncluttered spaces. Designers create and craft chairs and tables from simple pieces of material held up by pencil-shaped wooden or metal legs.

Mix materials and esthetics: synthetic materials (such as vinyl, plastic, Lucite, and fiberglass) and natural materials (such as wood, glass, metal, and marble) are often used together in mid-century furniture design. You can also see modern pieces come to the fore with vintage pieces in mid-century modern design.

Integration of indoor and outdoor: mid-century modern architecture emphasized the fusion of human structure and nature, and so does mid-century design. We often incorporate plants into this type of decoration, just as windows promote a sense of continuity between indoor and outdoor spaces.

Natural hues with accents of color: Mid-century modern decor uses bright, contrasting colors in contrast to the neutral primary colors of white, black, and wood. In keeping with the idea of combining indoors and outdoors, the mid-century color palette has its roots in nature. With khaki, orange, and the bright yellow of autumn, mud brown, navy blue like aquamarine, and deep khaki and red.

How can you furnish a mid-century modern living room?


As we know, this style of history speaks for itself. This style is a design trend that impresses the world with its unique design inspirations.

To have a unique style, you need unique items. Choose from several different items in different shapes. And colors and you will look great in mid-century.

Nowadays, mid-century modern homes are usually open plan and use alternative room dividers like a central fireplace in the living room. This makes the room look bigger and the light shines infinitely into the room. As we know, light is one of the most important features of interior design in Barcelona.

Another detail is the marble. Originally, marble was supposed to look expensive and modern. However, today it is simply an elegant and resistant choice for countertops.


When it comes to color scheme, you can combine neutral white and light walls with bold and colorful accents.

Bright walls emphasize the bold features of the room and make it more expensive and luxurious.

The accents you can use should be bright and contrast with the neutral walls.

If you are not more traditionally inclined, mustard yellow, moss green and orange are the main accent colors for defining a modern mid-century decor.


Wood is the best material for furniture in this style. The best part is that the furniture does not even have to match each other exactly.

Furniture should include large fabrics with graphic patterns and clean lines.

We should make furniture of large fabrics with graphic patterns and clean lines.

The iconic choice for your furniture is the egg chairs, if one of them is in the style of the mid-60s.

They are also a symbol of sophistication and stylish charm nowadays and are also more affordable for your home now.


A special feature is that there is a piece of art in every room. Big, bold, and expensive station paintings are meant to make the room the center of attention.

If you identify the main colors of the artwork, you can include it as a highlight color throughout the room and try the color scheme together.

Another option is to use bright hues in pendant lights and lamps or creative mirror frames. These are common features of this style and will bring a little creativity to your home.


An important detail about the lighting is always bold and creative.

For this style, lighting with pendant lights (as opposed to the wall or contemporary skylights) is an artistic goal.

We also recommend using several lamps, whether floor lamps or table lamps, for example, you use tripod floor lamps that match this style of decoration well.