Kitchen Decoration in Barcelona

As the formal focal point of the home, it’s only logical that your kitchen reflects your chic style. Whether you live in a small apartment with limited storage space or a dream floor plan with a large marble island, spacious cabinets and complete, stylish appliances, there are creative design ideas that can make your kitchen even more enjoyable.

It does not matter if you are doing a complete renovation or not, there are kitchen design ideas for every budget here. Even if you are just curious about creative tips, check out this list of the best kitchen decorating ideas for instant inspiration.

Go green

The kitchen is an ideal place to experiment with bright colors. Mix monochrome by adding different textures and shades. Interior designers say that our eyes are attuned to the color palette and everything is just right.

Keep it classic white

A neutral kitchen does not have to look tacky. Weave in natural stones like marble or quartzite, along with wood, brass and textured accessories like rugs or windows. Add decorative elements that make the kitchen feel like a real living space, not just useful.

Unconventional cabinets

Lacquered plywood is an unusual material for kitchen cabinets. Normally matte, the lacquer finish gives a great shine and makes them wipe clean. Brass hardware, modern lighting, marble counters and creative backsplashes complete the unique design.

Choose easy-to-clean tiles

For interior designers, combining durable and affordable materials wherever possible is key: for some kitchens, we used an easy-care porcelain tile that looks like marble. It is affordable and easy to clean.

Use lighter colors

Bright colors on the walls and cabinets instantly make the room seem brighter, bigger, and more expensive. Light colors reflect light and hide many sins, including scratches, dents and dings in your old cabinets.

Hide small appliances

Nothing depresses the atmosphere more than clutter. Keep your desk away from small appliances like toasters, blenders, and coffee makers. They are easy enough to use when you want to use them.

Design your layout around your windows

The layout of a room is what makes a kitchen design successful.

The most important thing here is how you use your space. If your kitchen is close to your garden or has a beautiful view, make sure that the layout of your furniture is aligned with the view. Your sink does not always have to face the garden. Consider whether your dining area in the kitchen offers the best view. If you create an outdoor living space, you can move your dinner parties from outside to in the garden and have all the essentials in the kitchen.

From hotels to restaurants to websites, themes are at the heart of design. When remodeling your kitchen, choosing a timeless theme that suits your taste and looks is an important step in creating the kitchen you want to spend your time in. In this article, we take a look at ten popular themes for kitchen decor in Barcelona. Highlights like granite counters and a six-burner stove are part of the overall look of the room, but the theme is the backbone of the kitchen. Without this theme, your kitchen will look lost or cluttered.

Monochrome or black and white

Monochromatic kitchens are often neutral and trendy. White and gray are the most common colors, although black and white kitchens are two colors where black countertops and appliances, as well as minimal black accents, are currently in style.

Unexpected uses of color

Monochrome kitchens are all the rage, and white is the vanguard of the race. However, they offer a lot of the unexpected – color in an unexpected place. From bold and beautiful light fixtures to blue, green, red or even fluorescent colors, colors in unexpected places are a fun and new way to enhance a drab kitchen.

Rustic and reclaimed/exposed finishes

If you are into the idea of reclaimed materials and exposed surfaces, take advantage. These elements and their expensive copies are very popular right now. From rustic hardwoods to uncoated cabinets to handcrafted wrought iron hardware, rustic and reclaimed materials are stylish. You often see them combined with exposed finishes like naturally stained hardwood floors or exposed brick. The exact design and combination of these elements can still make a lot of sense, especially when paired with stainless steel finishes, expert lighting, and quartz or granite tables.

A classic or vintage feel

Think about your grandmother’s kitchen or your mother’s kitchen. What elements do they have in common? Going back to classic kitchens and bringing old elements into modern spaces is a common theme in kitchen decorating. Look for ways to artfully combine old with new, or use it all and create an old kitchen – just make sure your appliances are modern, or your electric and gas bills will get exhausting.