kids room design in Barcelona

At first glance, the boys’ room may not be the most attractive room in your home. But as our ideas for boys’ rooms prove, these spaces can be just as stylish and stimulating as the rest of your home. By choosing the right themes, colors, materials, and furniture, you can create a space that is fun, inspiring, and enjoyable. We will share with you some ideas for kids’ room design in Barcelona.

We are big fans of experimenting with color palettes for any nursery idea – and we guide our boys in choosing their favorite hues. Sure, the color can be blue, but why not consider cool monochromatic colors, stimulating yellows, oranges and reds, or calming neutrals? Anything can – and should – move into a boy’s room!

Create a mountain landscape on the wall with color

Paint effects are a popular way to spruce up a boy’s bedroom. You’ll have a blank canvas to work with, so the more adventurous the action, the better. Sketch on paper and then zoom in on the walls, using fine tape to create clean lines. Children’s rooms are approved for entertaining. So why not add a little playfulness by painting the furniture to match or contrast with the walls.

Set up a stylish study station

Here is a fun idea for an inexpensive boys’ room. You do not need a real desk to create your own homework area. With two shelves and the right paint, you can build a chic DIY desk. Paint a square or rectangle on the wall and fill the center with the paint color of your choice. After it dries, install a matching floating shelf on the top and bottom. Ideal for a teenager’s room.

Complete the look with contrasting bulletin boards, colorful lamps and lots of stationery. Magnetic strips for toy cars will also look impressive.

Build an edgy wall

Exposed materials play an important role in the design of boys’ rooms, because industrial space suits the tastes of teenagers. If you do not have a blank brick wall, do not worry. Wallpaper and plastic tiles can easily imitate the look and are a more reasonable choice because they do not have a rough surface that can scratch the skin. The cool gray design of the boy’s bedroom will get more texture with the matching faux gray brick walls.

Invest in an incredible bed

A bed with a wonderful factor makes sleep time a breeze. From large, custom bunk beds that offer hidden spaces to more classic versions with wheels on either side or tall canopies, a crib is a great idea for a boy’s bedroom with friends lined up to sleep.

Introduce a theme with soft furnishings

There is no doubt that your child will have a lot of fun while growing up. Therefore, it can be expensive to adapt the design of his bedroom to his interests.

Make the change easy and inexpensive by swapping out bedding and accessories. Starting with a blank canvas is not only manageable, but also encourages creativity. Keep the walls simple by painting them a neutral tone and experimenting with a set of colorful ribbons and wall art. Adding matching pillows will liven up the space while lowering the cost. An achievable change that can be mixed and matched often.

Look for smart storage solutions

Use the walls to maximize storage space for a nursery. Attach attractive baskets securely to the walls to increase storage space. Inaccessible baskets are ideal for everyday items you want to keep out of reach of little hands.

By increasing storage space, you are not taking away valuable space – you are making your room more suitable for play.

To match the rustic beauty, use smart wicker baskets under the bed for more storage. Decorate with rustic, coral, warm colors to highlight natural materials.

Game on

This creative, athletic space, seen in architectural art designs, looks more like a championship basketball court than a boy’s room with its polished wood floors, soft interior lighting and wall hoops! This clever design is soft, stylish and fun – a direct winner!

Hang wall art at kid’s height

Whether it’s a toddler or a nine-year-old, hang the wall art at the right height. That way, they can enjoy the images as much as you do. Floating shelves are also a great way to showcase your child’s books and facilitate storytelling.

As you approach bedtime, you can add a soft glow to the room with fairy tale style decorating ideas.

The great camp-in

Does your child love the outdoors? Get inspired by camping in this cozy bedroom and create a great outdoor space. The tent provides a playful space where your child can let their imagination run wild, and the rustic colors and textures create a woodsy feel.