Interior Design Trends Barcelona

For thousands of years, interior design trends have been used as aesthetic aids in our quest for inner peace: Consider the ancient Chinese art of Feng Shui, where location matches energy flow, or Wabi Sabi, the Japanese practice of Acceptance of defects or interests of ancient Rome in the use of earth colors and geometric patterns to imitate the harmony of nature. There is more and more research showing the direct impact of our homes, not only on our mood but also on our overall health and well-being. So is it any wonder that in 2022 – our third consecutive year of a global epidemic – the top interior design trends are refocusing on creating a sense of calm?

We have to slow down and spend time in our homes – it creates a space that reflects both visually and lovingly what we feel. Recently, we have been paying close attention to how design can generate energy. All of this excites me – it allows the senses to navigate the space.

Meanwhile, some popular design choices have been falling over the past few years. Buckle’s moment seems to be over, as the all-white minimalism may seem obvious, but it creates a bit of visual comfort. The process that we believe goes through the past, everything is white. The final minimal appearance is finally warming up.

Below are the top interior design trends you need to know about 2022 – as well as what lies ahead.

Brown shades

Chocolate, camel, and caramel coffee – there have been many colors and designs, especially pastels, in recent years, and I think people will be ready for palette cleaners.

Chocolate coffee is back! And I’m excited as a kid in the ’70s. But this time, chocolate brown not only plays with the orange shag but also plays well with other colors as a deep neutral color for rich, beautiful, and timeless spaces.

Neutrals will retreat a bit in 2022 as people start experimenting with colors again, but this palette will be very close to the colors you find in nature. We anticipate that the paint rollers will be stained with rosy and earthenware colors and wrap the rooms from wall to ceiling to create a completely monochromatic moment that will leave you at ease.

Interior Design Trends Barcelona

Surfaces and objects inspired by nature

As time goes on more than ever indoors, we all seek to strengthen our relationship with nature. It simultaneously inspires revitalization on natural surfaces – imagine stone, earthenware, marble, and travertine utensils being used all over the page, from back sprinklers to bathtubs, furniture, and decorative objects. The raw, porous, and imperfect nature of these organic materials adds depth, spirit, and visual appeal, while at the same time mimicking the soothing and restorative environment of the outdoor space. This charm of returning to nature has also attracted the interest of large trees in the house, from delicate black olives to southern magnolias.

Textures and objects from the ground and hands, such as Akiko Hiray vases, represent a decisive movement in design to define art as the objects with which you live.

With people struggling to bring a little magic to their lives after a few years, I find the earth’s magical wonders at the center: objects made of sparkling crystals and spinning marbles, mushroom ghosts, Pieces that contain natural raw materials, and exotic plants and animal motifs.

Sculpture and curved furniture

The shape of the subconscious curve is read as safe, friendly, and welcome. Since everyone feels a little valuable, I think those softer shapes and angles will continue to be a big trend in furniture as well as architecture in 2022.

We love sculptural furniture. More beautiful and delicate shapes, curved edges, and deep and luxurious chairs.

Mixing materials and design styles

The desire to have unique things that are not like others leads to an increase in the mixing of materials in furniture design. It is not uncommon to see products with wood, metal, and stone elements that are all used in one piece to make them more unique and special.

An emerging trend reminiscent of the late 1980s and early 1990s. Two directions come to mind. One very natural – white and cream, mixed with dark natural wood and washed linen and black and white photography. The other is dark and moody mixed with stainless steel, cheerful colorful designs, and color blockers. Some elements of the avant-garde sculpture are reminiscent of the Atura style of Sottsass.