Interior apartment in Barcelona

Just because your studio is less than 600 square feet does not mean it has to look like a small student dig. There are many creative ways to use the space you have to create a more open and spacious feel. Of course, you cannot magically increase the footprint of your home (unless you destroy your neighbor’s walls), but with a little space planning and decorating, you can maximize every square inch of your space to create the grown-up home you deserve – without having to remodel!

The floor plans of the following homes show how easy it is to work with what you have and successfully decorate a small space. The possibilities are endless – even with a lack of square footage.

Make binge-watching better

Create a great feeling in your home by creating separate living areas. But how many square feet should you allocate to each area?

Think about what makes you happier at home.

Do you want to invite friends over? By sacrificing part of the bedroom and dining area, you can create a large living room worthy of a big party.

If you cannot paint your walls, here is another idea you can steal from this apartment – removable wallpaper that you can peel and paste. It’s easy to apply and covers dull walls without jeopardizing the deposit.

Turn your studio into a boutique hotel

If you are always on the go and the house is just a place to shower and sleep, why not make your apartment look like a boutique hotel room?

A 300-square-foot apartment, for example, is full of features found in fancy accommodations. These include a chic kitchen, a few pieces of retro furniture, and, of course, a special minibar (on the ledge).

But the star of this apartment, as in any stylish hotel room, is a comfortable bed with cotton sheets.

Decorate like a madman

When it comes to decorating a small space, nothing beats an enchanting room that showcases the power of small mid-century furniture.

Compared to many contemporary styles, mid-century furniture is much closer to the floor and makes ceilings and windows appear higher.

Double Duty Sofa

A railroad apartment is less than 190 square feet. Here is how clever furnishings transformed this small house into a comfortable and small home.

First, it was all about creating a multipurpose area for sleeping and socializing. A beautiful bed that looks like a sofa creates a great space. A table with tall legs and two small tables that do not distract from the openness of the room add functionality.

The perfect finishing touch for this little nest is a cozy Moroccan rug.

Spacious living room with gray sofa and modern decor.

Design goals worth the investment

If you own a studio apartment, you should invest in smart and flexible furniture. Such furniture will not only make your space bigger but can also increase the value of your apartment when you sell it.

Here are some design goals for inspiration. The wall of the built-in closet hides Murphy behind the sofa bed. The closet TV provides more space to keep things out of sight. Innovative solutions like double coffee tables and expandable kitchen consoles create more space for dining or working.

Low ceilings? No problem!

In a boxy studio with low ceilings, dividing the space for different purposes seems challenging.

The trick is to use the right furniture. The furniture does not take up much vertical space, so the ceiling looks higher.

In this easy-to-copy setup, a full-size bed sits next to an apartment sofa to create additional seating. The room divider at the head of the bed is the tallest object in the home. The dining area is furnished with industrial-inspired furniture.

Install a glass partition

If only part of the room has a window (and privacy is in order), try a glass screen – it will give the room enough visual separation while letting in plenty of light.

Be resourceful

Use a small room divider for privacy when changing clothes, and choose a narrow sofa for more seating when guests arrive.

Take advantage of architectural quirks

Every inch counts, so make the most of architectural features. That radiator next to your window? Invest in a nice heater grill and customize a pillow so you can use it as a window seat for reading and relaxing. Add a pillow and a pendant light for work.