How To Decorate Your Bedroom

How to decorate your bedroom like an interior designer

Beautify your bedroom with the simple and encouraging tips of the three best interior designers. You’ll be inspired by their great ideas to give you suggestions for the little things you can add to your bedroom to create the dream oasis you have always wanted.

Color is the Key

It’s no wonder our designers start with choosing colors for your bedroom. Decide on the mood or tone you want to create in your bedroom, and then choose a color that reflects that feeling.

Do not be afraid of bold colors. You may even like darker colors in small spaces. However, if you prefer neutral walls, add color to the ceiling by painting it.

The designer recommends using dark colors in the bedroom. Light or dark colors create a calmer environment than light colors. Examples of soft colors for walls and carpets are light blue, reddish pink, or light gray. Examples of dark colors are navy blue, plum, or sage green.

If you do not plan to paint your bedroom on a grand scale, choose an eye-catching wall in your bedroom to add color to it, even if it’s wallpaper. Or just forget about your walls and add a fun color by painting an old piece of furniture in your bedroom.

Light It Right

Although most lights in the bedroom are off, they are very important for other things you do in the room besides sleeping. Interior designers take bedroom lighting very seriously, and everyone agrees that most people do not care how bright the light fixtures in the bedroom can be. Design your bedroom with a chandelier or bedside lamps with personality instead of the usual ceiling lights.

Dimmers are very important in the bedroom as they quickly add ambiance. There are also dimmers for table lamps that instantly create a warm and cozy atmosphere. You are not a fan of high ceilings in the bedroom, but if you have them, make sure they are dimmed as well.

Texture Equals Cozy

Another decor element that is often neglected is adding texture. When you bring textures into your bedroom, you add a touch of opulence and comfort. It brings soft, soothing, and luxurious textures into the bedroom, such as a velvet-covered armchair, a silk rug, faux fur-covered pillows, or a cable knit blanket. Items like lacquered tables or chrome lamps should be kept away from a quiet environment and placed in the living area outside the bedroom.

You may like the soft texture on the floor. The designer recommends placing a small rug made of sheepskin on the carpet as well to soothe bare feet.

Clean up the clutter

Interior design experts agree that clutter ruins a relaxing or romantic mood. Elliot says a tidy room helps you feel instantly calmer when you enter a bedroom. She strongly advises her clients to reduce the clutter that is on their bedroom furniture.

A bedroom full of small items makes your eyes wander around the room. A large item on the desk, bookshelf, or writing table makes the bedroom visually cozy.

You may want to put a large headboard in your bedroom. A headboard that reaches almost to the ceiling makes the bedroom look large and luxurious. When the main focus is on the headboard, you do not need any other decorative items in the bedroom.

A normal bedroom also gives a feeling of tranquility. Even a small gesture, like making sure your artwork is hung securely with tape behind each frame, creates a sense of order in the room.

Little things count

Interior designers are notorious for having a few decorative tricks up their sleeves. Our three designers have learned how to enhance a bedroom with little things.

The designers’ secret recipe is to focus on seasonal style in the bedroom. Keep your bedspread the same color year-round, preferably bright white. But change the accent and throw pillows depending on the season. For example, use a light cotton blanket in the summer and a plaid mohair blanket in the winter.

Bring nature into your bedroom. A simple orchid or potted tree is a beautiful, cleansing, and calming accent that goes with any decor.

Finally, designers recommend using fresh scents to change the mood of the room. Besides candles and air fresheners, there are other ways to freshen up your bedroom. For example, make a natural air freshener by mixing a cup of distilled water, a few tablespoons of alcohol, and about a dozen drops of your favorite essential oil in a small spray bottle. Spray the mixture into the air or even a small amount onto your mattress and sheets.