French interior design

France has always been a country of fashion, design and elegance. It’s a name that, when you hear it, brings to mind a space of premium quality and complexity. French interior design – or Parisian style – is no different. It’s all about being both stylish and simple!

About modern French interior design

It starts with classical French interior design, which is one of the most famous styles in the world. There are many styles like baroque, rococo, empire, and others. Recently, people have begun to admire the splendor and class of these styles, but the look is very ornate and incredibly old-fashioned. This is why modern French interior design came into existence. It combines the old glamor with the new minimalism. As you might imagine, this is an eclectic style. It allows you to mix modern and classic styles while finding the right balance between chic and not overdone.

So here are a few simple tricks to give your home the beauty, glamor and effortless elegance you have always dreamed of.

The right color

Choosing the right colors for your rooms is very important in a modern French style. You can even guess it without a single piece of furniture. In most cases, the predominant color is bright white – usually the color of the walls – with pastel colors such as beige, light gray, light blue and light pink. Although this style is strongly associated with light colors, you will also find darker designs. They are stylish and will appeal to you if you love darkness. You may want to use some bright colors in artwork or furniture to create an energetic and friendly environment.

Gold in French Design

The color gold brings us back to the classic French styles, especially the Baroque. It represents luxury and extravagance and is decorated with many ornaments. And since modern French design is all about simplicity, we still use some gold tones to add elegance to the overall design. We can use it in a gold mirror, lighting fixtures, accessories or in today’s furniture.

Red in French design

One of the most common colors used in Parisian style is red, especially the darker colors like burgundy or velvet red. This color will give you the cheerfulness you need while creating a stylish atmosphere in the room. You can use it for furniture materials or additions. We can also use it as a wall color, but not so much. Choose the wall you want to focus on and give it a bright color.

Black and White Pattern

This pattern even goes back to the Gothic period. At that time, black checks were very common. In later designs, there were also French ones. As for modern French design, designers – staying true to the past – usually use black and white, but in different patterns and for specific objects. You can find it on a floor covering, a rug, a cushion or a piece of furniture. But because of the strong contrast in the patterns, it must be used discreetly so as not to overdo it.

These are the moldings!

One of the most important features of the styles is the use of wall or ceiling moldings. Some baroque or rococo details will directly transform your room into a stylish ambiance. Simple panel walls and doors, cornices, and maybe some cornices or trim on the ceiling will go a long way. But as I said, do not overdo it or it will be too much, you can leave some walls blank and that’s natural. Just try to find the right balance. And finally, if you go to a place that has a history or classic ornaments, keep them. This style is all about respecting the history.


The most common floor coverings in modern French interior design are wood and marble. Wood gives us an earthy, warm color that gives a cozy and friendly feeling that we all need in our living spaces. Marble gives us French luxury and elegance. It can be used in entryways, hallways, lobbies or bathrooms and sometimes in living spaces depending on how you want to feel.

Modern French design in 4 simple steps

Paris. A city considered a beacon of style, fashion, architecture and design. 

There’s something about this Paris-inspired decor that feels so effortless, yet so hard to copy. Modern French design is deliberate, hybrid and adventurous – inspired by Paris itself. It’s a stunning combination of sophistication, drawing from different styles and combining bold elements with traditional design.

1. ultra-white walls

The appeal of ultra-white walls can be traced back to design in Paris itself, as many of the city’s apartments were dark due to a lack of light. Even with natural light, white walls have become a signature of modern French design.

While you do not have to run to the paint store and paint the whole apartment white, try to keep everything as neutral as possible. Bold and bright colors have their place in French design, but not on the walls. We try to create a calm, serene and peaceful palette by using metals and small amounts of color in accents or art.

If you want to go all out but do not live in a historic building, you can add wallpaper borders to your white walls for the true Parisian effect.

2. elegant lighting 

Delicate lighting is a surefire way to add a chic feel to a French-inspired space. In this case, the lights of life take the lead. 

While lighting adds a functional element to any room, this time it’s more about style. Use a table lamp or traditional floor lamp to brighten up your space.

A chandelier adds a luxurious feel to any room without having to be formal! If you can find lighting with crystal drops, bonus points.

3. art 

In a city where art is respected, a space is never completely covered without works of art. 

Parisian artwork takes many forms, but the easiest way to master it at home is to look for something that does not try to accurately represent reality, but shapes, colors, forms, and markets. Used to achieve its effect.

4. furniture 

This is where the magic happens. While we love the sight of a room beautifully decorated with an array of furniture, it does not just happen.

As with other styles, the furniture pieces should be simple yet stylish. Pick a few classic pieces and pair them with modern and clean accents. 

Try pairing a modern and contemporary sofa with two classic chairs and a marble coffee table, or a large and upholstered armchair with minimalist and bold chairs and a glass top.