Entrance design in Barcelona

Entrance design in Barcelona

Assume that the entrance hall is your opportunity to knock your guests’ socks off. Whether you greet your guests in a high-ceilinged space with a glowing chandelier or a cozy foyer with warm wood floors and a bouquet of flowers, the entryway of the home creates color and fragrance for the rest of your home. This transition is the perfect place to showcase an elegant mirrored console table, a bold painting or sculpture, or a tile floor in vibrant colors. Use this prominent entryway to add beautiful decorating details that will enhance the overall atmosphere of your home.

So how can you decorate your entryway to make it suitable for short, high-traffic paths? A good place to start is with a combination of high-impact decorative accents that create a chic tone, and well-appointed designs that greet you from within. Whether your entryway is a formal foyer, a remodeled living room, or an apartment floor plan that opens directly to the kitchen and living room, it comes down to choosing furniture, decor, rugs, and lighting once you have an amazing factor. Create (or guests) through the entrance door. Here we recommend you some designs for the entrance in Barcelona to get a better interior.

Choose a color palette

Not sure what to start your entryway decor with? Choose a color scheme to unify the space! This can be done through the color of your wall, like this blue entryway, or simply through decor. Once you have decided on a color palette, work the hue of your choice into a few shades in different parts of the room, such as your choice of rug, baskets, art, lamps, and other decorative accents.

Create a functional entryway checkpoint

The entryway is the first point when you come home and the last place you see when you leave. A few thoughtful details can make a big impact on your entire day. Extra things like drawers for mail, storage for important items like keys and purses, and hooks to hang your bag or coat will help you organize your space and your life!

Think of things you can grab when you walk out the door and make a plan to take them with you. That way, you can make sure you are always ready to start your day.

Funky chairs for the entryway

Having a way to put your shoes down or take them off in the entryway is essential for many households. We think the bench, chair, or stool you place near your entryway should accentuate your individual type. An example of this is these Eames inspired chairs.

Consider your layout

The structure of your entryway is just as important as the content! Make sure the path to and from the door is clear so you have plenty of room to cross. No one wants to miss the moment they walk through the door! Keep in mind which way your door opens and leave enough space around it. Then work around other architectural elements like windows, closets, and other hallways. Throughout all of this, make sure that the elements you choose also fit your lifestyle and are very practical.

Abstract artwork

Although portraits, prints, and landscapes add to the appeal of a wall, abstract art gives you the freedom to play with the shapes and colors of the foyer. You can repeat the blue tones of a canvas with other accents, or you can complement the bold brushes with square furniture. This is very popular in Barcelona interior design.

Design your entrance area simply and stylishly

Sometimes the best entryway designs are the simplest designs. All you need is a piece of art or a stylish mirror, a console or bench, and a few decorative accents.

That mirror is important for last minute clothing checks, and can help smaller entryway designs feel more spacious! Finally, some potted plants and decorative pillows will add a stylish and comfortable atmosphere to any entryway, making them our must-have pieces to complete this space.

Create space for a mirror

Since your entryway is the last place you’ll be before you leave the house, we highly recommend making room for a mirror. No more rushing to check your outfit or makeup at the last minute! You can hang a mirror on your console table or bench. If you have the space, you can also set up a floor mirror so you can see yourself from head to toe. This is especially handy if you do not have room in your bedroom for a full-length mirror!

Create a stunning focal point

The entryway may be small, but it does not have to be the next thought. With the right interior design, your entryway can rival any other room in the house. And considering that this room gets so much traffic, it probably should.

Again, it does not take much work to create a beautiful look – choose a console table you like, hang an attractive piece of art, and cover the floor with a nice rug (just make sure the texture is durable and can withstand. extra foot traffic). If you have room for a chandelier, that’s a plus! Then put a few baskets inside to shop them in style. These are especially good for kid-friendly entryways where it’s hard to control everything.

Add natural texture

The secret ingredient that every polished room has? Texture. Upgrade your entryway style with this simple addition. Think worn wood, large woven baskets, stone, and natural fiber rugs (which are great for busy spaces like entryways). The coral sculpture you see in the picture above is also a fun and unexpected way to add texture. We also love these knotted rope lamps with linen shades. Adding all or any of these natural textures to your entryway will add appeal to the design.

Hang a few hooks

You do not need a completely empty space to create order in your home. Instead, hang a few hooks and place a cool bench underneath. Mission accomplished!

Funky light fixture

We love the way this fun, modern light fixture contrasts with the traditional rug underneath. There’s also something about the mini-gallery wall and stylish console table (known as a place for all your little ones!).