Eclectic Architecture

Have you ever felt that your interior design preferences are a combination of styles? Maybe you like mid-century modern clean lines, but you also like rustic, natural materials. Or maybe you love the nature of boho style, but you still like to keep things to a minimum. Maybe you love glamorous traditional elements, too. Do not worry: these seemingly contradictory styles will not drive you crazy. They just mean that your favorite interior design in Barcelona has an eclectic architecture character.

Interior design in Barcelona aesthetics, working in eclectic styles, prefers to combine elements from different design schools. And this leads to a maximum look that conveys a varied statement.

What is eclectic interior design?

But wait, let us back up for a moment. What exactly is an eclectic style? The eclectic interior design style is a style that artistically combines elements of different design styles in one room. It includes a casual mix of furniture and decor and comes in a variety of styles. Often, eclectic furnishings combine bright colors and patterns and mix unexpected elements.

The eclectic style emerged in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries in what is now Paris. One of the city’s most important architecture and design schools, the Cole des Beaux-Arts, had found a place to collaborate and develop entirely new styles through its decorative arts program, which brought in students from all over the world. Some of these students were American architects who brought back the Beaux-Arts style, giving buildings a classical and historic style with a flourishing and modern flourish.

3 Features of the eclectic style

The eclectic style of furnishing in Barcelona is characterized by a diverse and at the same time particular combination of aesthetic and functional features.

Mix different visual elements. The combination of prints, patterns, and textures is the basis of eclectic design. Eclectic furnishings bring together different shapes, compositions, and design elements that are not normally complementary to create an attractive dimension or plane.

Fusion of modern and traditional. The eclectic design blends furnishings from different eras. You can see old furniture with minimalist architectural art. You can also find a mid-century modern style bathroom with French Renaissance accents.

It is carefully curated. An eclectic interior may seem effortless, but decorators must carefully coordinate the individual variables to make sure everything fits together. Often there is an identifying element or theme, such as color, texture, or particular focal point.

Ways to style an eclectic space

Are you ready for a new look in your home? From modern to classic, we have furnishings that combine a variety of styles in different ways. Get inspired by these seven ways to implement an eclectic style in your space.

Choose a unifying color.

A color palette can help tie together many different elements of your space. Choose several colors that repeat throughout your design. You can repeat these colors on the rug, pillows, end tables, and floor lamps, especially if they are different from the design schools.

Create a focal point.

A focal point such as a raised wall, gallery wall or a striking piece of furniture can help draw the eye to the desired spot in your room. And as you know, this method is very popular in Barcelona interior design. You can also use the style of this piece of furniture to choose the style for the rest of your room.

Mix and match patterns, prints and textures.

Mixing different materials can have a big impact on the look and feel of a room. Repeat some of the same disproportionate patterns and textures throughout your room to create a sense of visual harmony.

Mix styles genres

Eclectic spaces can incorporate small elements from different styles. Experiment with different collectibles or special items to see what goes together. For example, your French Victorian coffee table can fit beautifully in your Art Deco living room. Your minimalist gallery wall could be the perfect focal point for your Memphis dining room.

include negative space. 

Negative space can relax the eyes of the viewer in an eclectic room. Break up your varied interior design with neutral colors and empty spaces to ensure you do not impress the eye or make the room feel cluttered.