Design a Room

How to design a room

Whether you do not have the budget to hire an interior designer or you like the idea of doing it yourself, designing a room can be scary for strangers. Remember that interior design is more of an art than a science, and there are no hard and fast rules for designing a room. But if you are looking for a roadmap, this guide will help you visualize all the steps you need to take to design your space like a pro.

Set the mood

Ask yourself not how you want your room to look, but how you want it to feel, and let that guide your choice of colors, textures, furniture and decor. A bright and cozy Zen oasis can feature minimal furniture and natural materials. An energetic and informal family atmosphere can include bold colors and patterns. By focusing on mood rather than a particular style or trend, you can create an atmosphere that suits you.

Get inspired

Look to your favorite social media channels, home decor magazines, books and websites for inspiration. Think of the places you’d like to escape to and analyze why. If you are interested in mood boards, create one. You live alone, this is an opportunity to get to know yourself a little better. If you live with other people, it’s an opportunity to work on a shared space that everyone at home can be proud of.

Get Real 

Instead of trying to envision what your life should look like, design your space as you live now. If you have aggressive children or pets, choose upholstery fabrics and finishes that can be attacked and still look good. You live alone and rarely have fun, you do not have to save space with a dining table for six. If you work from home, move that makeshift office in the corner of the living room to a guest room that can only be used on vacation. And before you buy anything, set a realistic budget that will help you prioritize your spending.

Decide on a color pallet

Whether you choose a neutral or an eye-catching color pallet, deciding early on will help you create a unified look. Neutral rooms can be brightened up with accessories that can be easily interchanged. If you have decided that you want your room to be an anthem of green, pink or blue, choose three complementary colors to stay attractive. If you like an all-white room, you can easily combine different styles and eras of furniture with white shades.

Start with the finishes

If you do not want to renovate but want to redecorate, think about how you can design a room with the floor, wall color and existing furniture to make the room beautiful and personal without renovation. If you are starting with an empty room, you should first install the floors, paint the walls, install tiles, wallpaper or wall panels, or install cabinets before bringing in furniture and accessories.

Select Secondary Furniture

Once you have chosen the perfect sofa, look at coffee tables to determine what size and model is appropriate or if a large stool will fit best. If you have chosen a rustic wooden table for the dining room, contrast it with modern metal chairs. Complement a modern upholstered headboard with old-fashioned lamps or nightstands.

Choose rugs, curtains and textiles

Now that you feel the room flowing, you can choose rugs, curtains and textiles such as bedding, throws and decorative pillows. This will complete your anchor pieces and add color, pattern, texture and charm.

Light it up

One of the keys to success when designing a room is paying attention to light. Maximize natural light for the day and add a variety of lighting options for the evening. From functional lighting to eco-friendly table lamps or sconces to sculptural pendant lights that serve as decor. Be sure to light all four corners of the room to avoid shadows and relax after dark.


Now that you have all the essentials, take a step back and ask yourself what else is missing. Select and hang artwork, photos or decorative mirrors. Pull off extra decorative pillows and throws. Create shelves and tables with design books, candles, decorative objects, plants or treasured souvenirs. This is an opportunity to add texture to the room and give it a homey feel with personal touches.