Decoration Flat in Barcelona

The small flat has its upsides – lower rent, often a closer proximity to bustling downtown areas, and a certain irreplaceable comfy charm. That is if you know how decoration a flat in Barcelona.

One of the misconceptions that people often fall victim to when decorating small apartments is that all the focus should be on performance rather than design. This feeling cannot be far from the truth. Your apartment may have little space, but that does not mean it should be chic.

Instead, find the right balance between the two to create the space in which you can live comfortably for the foreseeable future. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. Follow these decorative tips to ensure that you make the most of the space you have and at the same time allow it to display its personality. While you may find it difficult to decorate a small apartment, here are some tips on how to live in a large small apartment!

Carefully Delineate Separate Areas

At first glance, it may seem that living with an open mind is a way to decorate a small apartment. However, this can be very frustrating for the eye, and over time, not defining the space can lead to confusion. Do your best to define separate areas and give each area a specific goal. Put shelves of coats and shoes next to the door to round your entrance. For easy serving and extra storage, place a sideboard between your kitchen and dining area. Turn your sofa over to the foot of your bed to immediately draw attention to your living area. If you share a room with a home office, take a look at these 30 creative home office ideas to be constructive and save space.

If you have a particular interest or hobby, do not be afraid to let them play a key role in separating the space and at the same time showing who you are. Or, you can use the plants of an indoor garden to show changes in the use of space.

Invest in Dual-Purpose Furniture

Every inch count when dealing with a small space. Make the most of the space you have by investing in furniture that does double work. Instead of trying to get your space around furniture, focus on buying the parts that work with you. Bedrooms are good rooms for multi-purpose furniture.

Consider a bed that can be folded down while watching TV, a hollow sofa that can be used for storage, or a dining table with a built-in sheet that makes it much easier to entertain guests

Whatever type of furniture you choose, make sure the ones you are considering are the right size for your space. Overfilled models only help to make your living space look smaller. Do not worry too much about finding furniture with beautiful scales, many companies specialize in creating furniture suitable for small living situations.

Rethink Unused Spaces

After living in a place for a considerable time, one can easily get stuck on how to use it. You know that extra cookware in the oven that you do not use, extra candles in one of the kitchen drawers, and clean linens in the box under your bed. But have you ever considered the possibility that you may not be using your space as efficiently as possible?

Challenge yourself to look around your apartment and identify any dead spaces or spaces that currently have no useful purpose. Think of unused corners and empty walls. Then, try to find ways to use those spaces to your advantage.

Turn a large niche into a workspace for when you need to take homework at night. Buy a corner shelving unit to provide space for your essentials. Place a few baskets on top of your refrigerator and use them to hide your lesser-used serving plates.

Choose a Light Color Palette

When choosing a color for your apartment, keep everything light. While richer, darker colors tend to make spaces look smaller to the eye, light shades open up everything. When choosing a color for your small apartment, try to use the right color palette for your interior space.

When choosing your palette, focus on using three colors: two colors, a light, and a light shade that will decorate most of the space. Then, add a darker highlight color to make sure things stay visually appealing.

If you cannot live in a world of pale colors at all, you can still make your furniture. Choose a primary color and buy or paint all the furniture in that area in one shade. Then, choose the second bold color for the room accents. However, you may want to limit your color to one part of the apartment. Too many colors in a small space can be too much.

Living in a small apartment does not mean that you have to abandon interior design for the sake of efficiency. Instead, try to balance the two. When decorating your small apartment, refer to this article to make sure it looks like your needs and at the same time sharp.