Creative Kitchen Cabinet Ideas in Barcelona

Are you looking for a taste for your kitchen cabinets? It does not matter if you prefer a traditional look or something more modern, we have a lot of food inspirations. These kitchen cabinet design ideas go far beyond boring old cabinets – and by putting aside practical tips, they will decorate your kitchen storage space with decorative paints, hardware, and upholstery. So if you are finally ready to deal with this big renovation or just want to upgrade your space a little, we are here to help. Continue reading Creative Kitchen Cabinet Ideas To Renovate Your Home.

Sky-high cabinets

Add more storage space to your kitchen, not just by placing cabinets on top of the counter, but also by placing cabinets around the room, such as above the refrigerator. (Do not forget just the stool.)

Metal grate cabinets

Screen cabinets with a metal grate front instead of traditional glass compartments are a pleasing device between closed and open storage. Using glass, everything that covers the cabinet shelves should be perfect because you can see directly through it. But with metal graters, you do not have to worry about packing your essentials because you can only look inside.

Dual function cabinet

Do you want to hide your dishwasher? Add the front of the cabinet so that the cabinet line under the counter does not fall apart. Even better, hide it with something as beautiful as hardware cabinets in pink blush.

Pastel cabinets

For a neutral color that still has character, try pistachio green. It is light and fresh but injects a little more character than the other neutrals.

Pastel cabinets


This diverse kitchen, designed by Barcelona interior designers, is both very practical and light. Stainless steel cabinets, like wooden countertops, are flexible and durable (which is why they are so popular in professional kitchens), but modern lighting and a fresh red look, give an industrial edge.

Bottom cabinets

Using such a hood, interior designers decided to ignore the top cabinets – this prevents visual clutter in the wall space and allows us to focus only on the hood. Black down cabinets meets storage needs while grounding the kitchen.

Assign a corner to the cabinets

Assign a corner wall to very high cabinets to free up adjacent vertical space for heating lamps. Our designers equipped this kitchen with three just above the counter so that the food stays warm until it is ready to be served.

Painted interior cabinets

We love the idea of painting interior cabinets in a color that matches a prominent piece in the room, like an orange cabinet designed by our interior designers in Barcelona to match the carpet – what an amazing surprise! Also, if you are nervous about painting the whole room, this is a great way to experiment with vibrant colors.

Open the cabinets

Go through the doors and keep your cabinets open. This makes cooking easier and also allows you to keep your beautiful dishes and utensils on display.

Cabinets with mixed materials

Shake everything with a single material or a choice of two different materials. Here, OSB cabinets bring a good sense of nature inspiration and take on the blush colors behind the splash.