As farmhouse decorating increased, it became clear that homeowners and designers were quite adept at repurposing what was once considered old, discarded pieces. Rusted metal panels, worn wooden furniture, and architectural found objects were given a second chance as old home decor.


One of those farmhouse design accents has become very popular among homeowners – the old corbels. These pieces of architecture once had a practical purpose: they were tolerant (but often beautiful!) Brackets that held up ceilings, doors, and ceilings. They can range from the stone creatures seen in Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris to the simple, old farmhouses used to highlight and hold porch roofs.

What Are Corbels?

Corbel is a type of bracket that protrudes where the wall reaches the ceiling. Its purpose is to carry any extra weight that the wall alone may not be able to bear. Because they are quite impressive, they are usually made to look beautiful in a space. Many European castles have large, hand-carved stones in many rooms.

Today, these architectural findings can be found in rescue sites, small markets, and even online markets such as Etsy and eBay. Many homeowners prefer to leave them flawless and imperfect and give even more character to their home décor.

Add to Your Shelf Décor

If you are looking to strengthen your shelf game, do not look for distinctive and popular models. You can use cotton stalks that you can put on bookshelves among your favorite books and gentle green plants. On your shelves, bring corbels in different sizes, colors, and designs to create more visual appeal.

Create a Vignette

Corbel is a lovely addition to old-fashioned designs. Kitchen utensils, such as cutting boards and scales, act as a decoration in combination with irrigation can, plants and of course a beautiful antique hook.

Accentuate a Doorway

Sometimes, a portal needs a small thing to display, and a limit is a great way to add more interest. Designers have hung a simple hook on the large door that might otherwise look like it. It goes well with surrounding decorations that include wall art, plants, and a wooden chandelier in a similar color.

Turn a Corbel Into a Lamp

Many homeowners have become cunning and turned corks into work lamps and sconces. You can also buy a ready-made corbel lamp. A curb ramp is a sweet touch in the bedroom of this farmhouse, farmhouse designers.

Let Them Stand on Their Own

Instead of incorporating them into your home decor, carbs can also serve as decorations that work flawlessly on their own. If you like the “less, more” approach to décor, carbs are great in this living room without affecting the space. Some designers used two corks next to each other as table decor.

Use Corbels as Bookends

Who knew that Korbels would work flawlessly as bookshelves? This is what the two of them use to hold a few favorite books and use them as table decor.

Support Your Shelves

Professional designers, when it comes to Karbala, display them prominently in innovative ways throughout their homes. In the kitchen, you can use old corks to hold the shelves, because they act as decorative brackets. They are a great design choice alongside shiplap, decorative ornaments, and old-fashioned accessories.

Showcase a Unique Centerpiece

Are you looking for a new and different center to display at your next dinner party? Why not use a few curves as the focal point of your desk? This is what made the dinner table flourish – delicate flowers, potted flowers everywhere, and two chic carpels.