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Complete Remodeling

Complete remodeling specializes in kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, exterior/interior painting, and flooring. Our experience includes artisans from various occupations including carpentry, painting, electrical, flooring, and plumbing.

What About Residential Remodeling?

Now, take a moment and look at the dictionary definition of reconstruction which is restructuring. Unlike restorations that are a restoration of the previous state, the reconstruction of one more room is complete remodeling.

So, every time you do a project that completely changes the layout, structure, and style of the room, you rebuild it. In other words, you are changing the look and feel of the space, not just updating or modifying it. Likewise, if you want to do something like reconfiguring a house plan, you are rebuilding it! 

For example, you might decide to combine your kitchen with your living room to create a more modern, open-plan layout. If you do, then you are planning to rebuild, not rebuild! Similarly, if you want to install a kitchen island to create a more functional cooking space, you are also remodeling a room.

Basically, if the project requires a drastic change in the space that gives it a new spirit and at the same time gives it a new look and feel, you can bet that this is a reconstruction, not a reconstruction!