Boys’ Room Decorating Design in Barcelona

Childhood bedrooms are sacred spaces that help young children discover the joy of having their room and provide a place for them to create indelible memories that last a lifetime. A boy’s room should look like the boy he lives in, designed to fit his changing interests and suit his personality and needs.

Maybe it means sticking to the tried and true shades of blue, choosing modern neutral colors, creating a playful, contemporary atmosphere full of vibrant colors or black-and-white graphic elements, or adding old furniture and decor to give the room a timeless charm. Use decor to help create a cozy and magical atmosphere that gives her a sense of security and allows her to change and grow.

Check out these fun and stylish boy rooms that help you create a unique atmosphere that is right for you and the little man in your life.


In the attractive boys’ room, there is a shrine for reading pleasure, with its beautiful picture bookcase wallpaper that covers the wall above the bed frame in the shape of a house. The classic blue and white palette allow the wallpaper to shine.

Ski Lift

In the playful boys’ room of Barcelona interior design, a mountain mural in shades of white, black, gray, and yellow accents are paired with a flat frame in the shape of a ski trap that guarantees a smile.

Starry Sky

The Charming Boys’ Room is a hymn to the wonders of the starry sky presented in vibrant royal blue. Light wood accents on furniture and flooring make the design lighter while maintaining a sense of calm and sleep.

Moody Blues

The attractive boys’ room of the interior designers is painted in deep blue, with a bad mood and saturation, which lowers the temperature and makes it a great place to hug, relax and sleep. Old furniture and accessories give it a timeless feel.

Pop Minimalist

In the 1960s, Frame A designers designed a room for children that complimented the clean lines of home and nature. Toys such as bright rabbit bedside lamps, colorful throw pillows, rainbow rugs, and asexual acrylic dollhouses will keep you entertained.

Pattern Play

In the boy’s room, shades of blue, gray, and yellow and a combination of patterns create a calm but dynamic atmosphere. Illustrated fish wallpaper creates a sense of movement, a blue-and-white upholstered armchair creates a cozy corner for study and relaxation, a large light gray pendant creates a gentle drama, and fabrics Soft as multi-layered rugs and a veneered bed. Adds comfort and softness to the frame.

Boys’ Room Decorating Design in Barcelona

A Sporty Spot

The minimalist boys’ room is arranged with cool wooden and metal bunk beds, wall-mounted basketball hoops, and plenty of outdoor play space.

Statement Headboard

The boy’s room has a floor-to-ceiling graphic cap that rises from the wall and falls to the ceiling to create a striking focal point. Beige walls create a feeling of warmth and allow blue furniture and bedding to stand out. The black and white map of the world on the adjacent wall is a kind of timeless decor that he will never be more than.

Pops of Color

Bright and cheerful includes fishbone wallpaper, light orange, and dark blue accents, and a gallery wall above the twin closet to add color and charm to a mostly neutral space.

Old Sailor

The boy’s room uses old art and accessories to create an old sailor’s male theme. With an antique bed, rope reading lights, and space for a guitar to help spend time on those long nights at sea.


Playful, cheerful, an ode to superheroes with a view of the beach. White floors and walls allow details to shine, from the basketball hoop to the back door to the bright orange roof border strip and the superhero arts and accessories.

Accent Wall

In a bright boy room of interior design in Barcelona, a prominent blue main wall and large plaque create a focal point on the wall behind the desk and bunk beds. No competition with the wall next to the windows and its eye-catching beach view.

Playful and White

The bright white boys’ room has a host of playful blue and red accents that give it a playful feel. From wallpaper to a world map on the wall, to a fire truck pillow and a superhero statue trapped in a bubble light overhead.