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Architectural & Interior Design

Each building tells a story, a story embedded in its walls, a story told by its creators. Such stories are crafted by the elaborate work of both Architects and Interior Designers Because both architects and interior designers have similar work specifications that include design, people are often confused between these overlapping professions. For example, an architect designs the structure of a building whereas an interior designer designs what goes inside the building.

What are the major distinctions between architecture and interior design?
The two professions differ in their training, focus, and what they design, as follows:
What they design – Architects design buildings, while interior designers design the interior of the building, which contains furnishings, fixtures, and other supplements, to assemble the desired look and function for the interiors.

What they learn – An architect is trained to create a structural building that complies with national, state, and local building codes. The interior designers train to create a functional and quality interior environment.

Requirements to focus on – Architects are more focused on techniques such as form, materials, weather, lighting, ventilation, flooring, and more. While interior designers pay attention to human psychology and the emotional aspects of spaces.

For example, interior designers design hospital rooms that affect the patient’s psychology and improve faster recovery, such as calm / healing colors, room light, motion, adequate windows, and scenic scenery, and so on. Similarly, they design spaces that encourage better learning in educational settings.