Arrange Furniture For Good Feng Shui

How To Arrange Furniture For Good Feng Shui

Feng Shui is often referred to as the art of place. When you pay attention to the placement of items, this applies not only to the new furniture you bring into your home, but also to the arrangement of the furniture you already have. With the following simple guide, you can arrange your furniture according to Feng Shui.

Since we all live in different homes with different floor plans, we also offer suggestions on how to make the most of your furniture, even if it’s not in the ideal Feng Shui position. Instead of feeling anxious or scared if you do not have the space to put the “best” feng shui furniture, try approaching your home with an open mind and curiosity. There is always a way to work with what you have. There is always a way to work with what you have.

Here are some of the most important pieces of furniture from a Feng Shui perspective and tips on how to arrange them in your home.


Your bed is the most important piece of furniture in Feng Shui because it reflects your overall well-being. You spend a lot of time in bed, so the condition of your bed has a great impact on your energy. The best place for your bed is the so-called command post. This means that when you are lying on the bed, you can see into your bedroom.

When you are in a command position, you feel more relaxed and at ease because you can perceive, on a subconscious level, everything that might be coming at you. If this is not possible in your room, you can use a mirror for your command. Place the mirror so that you can see the reflection of the door from your bed.

You should also make sure that the door fits snugly. If you need to be in line with the door, you can hang a feng shui crystal ball halfway between the door and the edge of your bed. This will help disperse the incoming Qi and allow you to sleep more comfortably.


A sofa is usually placed in the living room or family room. In Feng Shui, these areas of your home represent family harmony because they are rooms where the family gathers. With sofas, you need to make sure that you place them so that each member of your family can sit comfortably. Sectional sofas and L-shaped sofas create cozy areas for family gatherings. You may also want to add additional seating, such as an armchair or two, to encourage conversation and interaction. 

In many homes, the living room sofa faces the TV. If this is the case in yours, it’s a good idea to create an alternative area for family gatherings where you can focus on each other instead of a screen.


Your desk is another very important piece of furniture in feng shui. It reflects your work life and your professional success. Therefore, you should give it some attention and make sure that it fits in perfectly.

Like your bed, it is best to place your desk in the control position. This means that you can see the entrance of the room while sitting at your desk, without being in line with the door. If you do not have room to arrange your desk this way, you can add a mirror or feng shui crystal ball to it, as well as a bed that is out of control. If you can not see the entrance to the room from your desk, put a mirror where you can see the reflection of the door.

Hang a feng shui crystal halfway between your door and your desk to correct the desk being directly in front of the door. Also, if you are sitting at work, it is better if you do not face the wall directly. If you have to sit with your back to the wall, you can put a mirror on your desk so you can see behind you.


Although TV is not necessarily “bad” feng shui, it has no particular benefit for feng shui. Electronic devices contain a lot of fire qi, which can be very stimulating and active. The TV can disrupt the energy of your home, so it is best to keep it out of the bedroom. If you are able to get away and disconnect, you will be able to sleep better. If you can place the TV in a family room, that is generally the best place for it.